September 28, 2011

Of sleeping kaftans and heels

Last weekend, my family and I went to a relative house for a gathering. I went all out, wearing my favorite Baju Kurung, made my hair and make up...

I went looking like this :

Felt so pretty that day!! I even wore my favorite black suede heels and my pink clutch.

We arrived, ate, gossip and all the usual stuffs that we didn't realize that it was already midnight. I was starting to feel uncomfortable in my traditional wear because it was hot and I was sweating. Everyone there, I meant, every woman there was wearing their sleeping kaftans. Looking at them, so airy and so comfy... Couldn't resist but to asked my aunt to lend me one of hers. After changing, I could breathe again. Starting to get comfortable and we realized it was already 2 am!

As much fun we had, most of us (especially me) were getting sleepy and tired, so we decided to go back home. That was when I realized, I had my heels outside but I'm wearing this sleeping kaftan! Was too lazy to change back to my Baju Kurung, so I put on a flat face and went back as a fashion victim. Remember how I looked when I went? Make ups, Baju Kurung, curled hair... Yeah, well now look at how I looked like when I went back :

Seriously, monkeys have better fashion sense than this!
Heels and sleeping kaftan DO NOT go well together.

But oh well, it was 2 in the morning, people wouldn't see me anyway. But the image... it's just so funny!

2am or not, do not do this ever if you don't want to be a fashion victim!