September 25, 2016

REVIEW : Célèc Miracle Sécrèt

When I am out and about, I will tend to get uncomfortable with my face, especially if I have a full on make up. It always feel like I have so much dirt on my face but when I take out my compact mirror, I can't see anything wrong. It'll start to feel heavy and oily to the extent that I feel my pores are clogging up with dirt. I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about, especially you guys who take make up seriously, like me. 

I used to not care about it and usually I'll just touch up with one or two sweep(s) of my powder to make the oil go away. However, I find this rather wrong in so many ways! You know when your pores are clogged, you shouldn't clog it even more with more products on. It's common sense right? But most of us still do it anyway. Don't worry, I used to do it all the time! When I realized that it's not good for my skin, I stopped doing that and opted to just dab the oil with a tissue or that blue sheet of paper (oil blotting sheets). It helps to remove the oil from my face, but I don't feel fresh or clean after wiping my face with these. 

When I had my first eczema attack, my (ex) skin doctor asked me start using a face spray. I didn't know what it was then but I bought a brand that is known to heal flaky eczema skin. I used it for a year and stopped because believe it or not, after one year, my skin is getting drier and flakier. I couldn't stand it so I put a stop to it. Ever since then, I stopped completely with face sprays because I felt cheated. I mean, my (ex) skin doctor recommended that stuff to me! But that is why he's my ex skin doctor, I guess. He recommended something that made my skin worse and that is not okay. I stopped believing in face sprays for a while and my current skin doctor suggested a cream for babies because according to her, my skin is getting thinner and I need a very mild product to protect it. Alhamdulillah, my eczema went away after a week and a half using the cream. 

Here we are, a year later, and I haven't gotten any serious eczema attacks (I hope I don't jinx it by saying it on here) and I am truly grateful. A month ago, Ecolantic Professionals emailed me asking me to try their products. They mailed me two of their products which are the all in one cleansing water (which I love!) that I reviewed a week ago (you can read it here) and the second product they mailed to me was a face spray. Yes, that kind where I said I stopped believing in. When I first got it, my doubts started to fill my thoughts. 

"What have I gotten myself into?"

"Is this going to be the same thing repeating itself?"

"Will my eczema come back after I tried this on?"

As a blogger/Youtuber, I receive products from companies, yes. But I always choose wisely as to what brands and what products I say yes to. I don't want to publish bad things about a product or a brand just because it doesn't work on my skin. I mean, different people have different skin types and I shouldn't jeopardize a brand's name just because I have overly sensitive skin. But I do know if a product works wonders on my skin, it might work on other skin types too because if my sensitive skin is okay with, I'm sure the product will work as good or even better on people who have normal skin. That's why I always dig up information about the products before I reply to companies' emails. Usually companies will give me a brief explanation about the product and the brand itself, but of course companies will always market good things about their products, so to me it's very important for me to make my own research on them. If the product is okay, I would say yes. But if I think the product will not help my skin, I would turn down the offer but with a good solid reason. At least I have a reason and that way I'm giving them to maybe counter my points as to why I think the product is not good for my skin. 

So anyway, it took me a few days to decide whether I should spray Célèc Miracle Sécrèt on my face. Now it's been a month and I've been spraying it in the morning and at night. This Miracle Water is definitely not my worst nightmare after all! 

It helps my skin to stay hydrated and smooth. The brochure mentioned that this product will also reduce fine lines and wrinkles, which is not applicable to me as I don't have those on my face (at least not yet) and I hope by starting to spray it on my face this early, those lines won't even form on my face even if I get older! These past weeks, a lot of people have been coming up to me telling me how smooth and glowing my face is. I don't know if it's the Miracle Sécrèt spray or not, but I'd like to think it is. Because other than this spray and the Célèc All in One Cleansing Water, I have not changed anything in my skin regime. So 99.9% it's these products, for sure.

Here's how I use my spray :

For Muslims, Célèc products are manufactured by GMP and is HALAL. So you don't have to sweat about it! This is to ensure that it suits the majority ethnic in Malaysia as well as other ethnic in Malaysia.

You can purchase this product by contacting them via :

Email -
Whatsapp - 018 6680138

So my verdict?

What I like?
Finally, a face spray that is not drying on my sensitive skin! Need I say more?

What I don't like?
The fact that I need to cleanse my face before spraying this product. I want it to be all day round spray fest with this and I wish this product can be sprayed on my full on make up face (although I do that sometimes).

 RM288.00 per bottle (80ml)

Overall Verdict?
I like the fact that it made my skin hydrated and reduced my dark circles under my eyes! I tried so many eye creams but none of them are as good as this spray.

I rate this product :
4 stars


September 21, 2016

Getting Engaged to the Love of My Life

I'm pretty sure most of you know this but to those who don't, I'm officially engaged to Amin. Remember him in this post?

I got engaged in April, so that's like 5 months ago but I left my blog for so long that I always procrastinate writing a post because truth be told, I think I've lost the ability to write. Everyone can write but a few can write an interesting post. And I think I've done a pretty good job in the past (self praise is no praise, I'm aware haha but I'm just saying I can at least get some of you to read my blog in the past, so that must mean something...) but then I don't know what happened. When I logged in my blogger account and clicked on the "new post" tab, I blanked. I couldn't write a single sentence!

However, I think I'm slowly getting back on track now. Hence why I'm updating you guys on my engagement! My blog readers have been here since the first day, so you guys definitely deserve an update. This post will be solely about the man I agreed to and how it all started. The preparation and the day itself on the other hand will be in separate posts because they all deserve their own posts. 

Amin was a friend whom I always see as friendly, funny, talkative, very helpful and can be friends with everyone (which brings out the jealous side of me multiple times. Hehe). Never have I expected that he'd be this important to me, that he'll be the love of my life and my future husband. Alhamdulillah, I am so grateful that Allah blessed me with a guy like him because he can guide me and complements me like no one ever could. I've been in love before but not even one person has made me feel the way Amin does. It just feels easy with him, like everything is smooth and there's just no dramas with him. I also find myself respecting him and that means a lot if you know me. It's not like I don't respect people, but I tend to overrule my partner in my past relationship. I know it's not good but I still did it anyway and I realized that I was such a bad girlfriend. I don't know why and how to explain, but with other guys, I don't feel like they can guide me.

It all started so sudden with Amin. We were just a couple of friends, only saw each other when our group decided to hang out. We never really had time alone, always surrounded by our group of friends. So I don't really know why or how this friendship was triggered into something more than just friends. But what I remembered is that Amin asked me out casually one day but I turned him down. Wasn't proud of it but I used to be this career oriented girl, where I only think about my work and nothing else. I guess that was how I got over my previous relationship; by working my head off. I wake up at 4am every weekday, drove to office by 6am and work until like 8pm or 9pm. That was my daily routine. On weekends on the other hand, I had exhibitions most of the weekends so that means I work from morning till night on weekends too. My dad told me once that I had no life, no friends. I also had this principle which I still hold on to, never go out alone with a guy if you are not interested in the guy. Well, I didn't even give my mind or heart to think about how I feel about this guy and I turned him down because my priority was my job, job and job.

After that "rejection", Amin kept on texting me telling me things about his interests, his daily life and his family. At first I wasn't interested, to be honest. I was not thinking too much about it and only reply when I had the time to actually sit down and go through my messages on my phone, which was usually close to midnight when I was about to go to sleep.

And then, one day. he asked me out again. I already tendered my resignation to my MD by that time and was feeling carefree. So I decided to consider it. By "consider" I mean asking people whether or not I should say yes to this date. There was just something about the way he asked this time that made me feel like I needed to say yes. He actually asked properly instead of his first "Where are you now? I'm at The Curve. Let's hang out". This time, he was way more proper and direct with "Are you free next week? I wanna bring you out on a proper date". I did NOT melt with his words, mind you. I was taken aback with how direct he was. So I asked some of my close friends whether I should say yes and most said yes with the reason "You work all the freaking time. We hardly see you have fun and be happy anymore after your ex. Doesn't hurt to try." By this time, I was 80% sure I would say yes.

I knew my Mom would be the answer to all this doubt. So I asked my Mom. She said I should just try to  go on this date to see if he's really genuine about wanting to know me better. I always believe mothers know best. And I was damn right about trusting my mom's instinct.

It's been almost two years and Amin never fails to make me laugh. Every single time. Even when I am upset about him or something else, he always managed to make me laugh. And that is what matters to me. A guy who completes me, who can guide me, keeps me grounded, keeps reminding me about the real world and brings out the best in me. I am so grateful that Allah has crossed our paths.

Now we are engaged and getting married in less than two months.

I'm so nervous, excited, anxious and everything else I cannot even put in words.

May Allah ease this journey for us, InsyaAllah.

This is such a sappy post but I couldn't help myself. My engagement preparations will be in the next engagement post and I promise you that post will be more cheerful than this one. Stay tuned!

September 8, 2016

REVIEW : Célèc All in One Cleansing Water

These past few months, my skin was acting up and I thought "hey, it's the stress". It's true, I have eczema and it attacks mostly when I'm stress and busy with a lot of work. I didn't have the time to even think about my skin so ignored it. Until my face has redness all over, that was when I started to get worried. I'm getting married and I have to take care of my skin despite the stress and workload!

So I started researching about the remedies and whatnot. I came across "cleansing" a lot while researching and I have to admit. Cleansing is one of the most important part of your skin regime besides moisturizing. Especially when you are out the whole day at work and came home without cleansing is a big no no. But of course I was being ignorant and still did that anyway. Sometimes I came home too tired to even lift a finger. So without removing my make up, I took a shower and sleep. That is such a bad example and I can't believe I did that to my skin. 

So one day, I decided to start cleansing properly so I won't have a red eczema-fied face on my dais on my special day. Ummm, NU-UH. Not gonna happen, man. So I (forced) myself to cleanse every single day. Day and night. However, having sensitive skin is not easy. I can't cleanse with a normal cleanser. I have to carefully choose my products so it won't trigger my eczema. I remember my skin doctor told me I can only use mild products. "Baby products best suited your skin because your skin is so sensitive and thin, like a baby's", my doctor has said. I don't know to take that as a bad news because I can't simply try on products, or I should feel proud that my skin is as smooth (?) as a baby's skin. Although the exact words the doctor mentioned was "thin" and "sensitive", not "smooth".... Well, they're the same to me. Hehe. 

Some time last week, I was staring at my face in the mirror thinking "what should I do with you, oh dear skin?". That was when I saw a box on my vanity table that has "Célèc All-In-On Cleansing Water" written on its packaging. Well, oh well, look what we have here. I picked up the box and started reading the box, did some research on the product, the ingredients and such and decided it is going to be my daily cleanser now. I got the product for review a week a go and had yet to try it. Having skin problem made me careful in choosing what I put on my face but after researching, I found out this product is okay to be used for all skin types.

I started to wear it as my night cleanser as it is all in one product, where it can be my make up remover, eye make up remover (yes, even my mascara comes off with just two wipes), lipstick remover, daily cleanser, hydrate my skin and it can also refresh your skin. It hydrates my skin which is a plus as whenever my eczema attacks, it becomes flaky and dry. I can never use oil base make up remover because that makes my skin extra itchy. I have always use water base make up remover but I think you girls know that a good water base make up remover is hard to find because usually water base make up removers are drying. Hence I was skeptical at first with this product but I know I'll never know if I don't try it.

Now it's been a week and I'm loving it! And you girls know I don't do reviews if I don't like the product. But right now I'm writing a whole post about it, so you know what that means. I love how easy and convenient it is. 

I know skin is not a petty thing. It's very important and I learned that the hard way. Went through several eczema attacks. And this is why I never simply put on things on my skin without research and I never recommend things I have never tried myself. Which is also why I know most people don't trust any brands or products that easy. So here's a brief background about Célèc :

The brand célèc is meant to be celebrity in French. Their product is formulated from France, hence, it's natural that the brand is named under a French name. The founder wants to bring the French perspective of beauty to Malaysia, as French women makes beauty look easy. Furthermore, their founder wanted beauty to be as simple as can be and that everyone can be like a celebrity, hence, célèc was born. The company - Ecolantic Professionals Sdn Bhd strives with the French philosophy: "Easy Way To Beauty" and everyone deserves to look good in any age.

Ecolantic has two best selling products but I will be reviewing them one by one as it takes some times for me to experience both products before giving you guys the honest review. 

One of the best selling product is the one I was blabbing about in this post; the All-In-One Cleansing Water. This is a mild water based cleansing water that effectively removes any waterproof makeups including eye makeup without stinging the eyes, lips makeup and sunscreens. It also have nutriments to ensure skin stays moisturize and supple throughout the day. It can be used as daily cleanser removing dirts while enhances the skin to be more elastic and supple. 

I started using this product as my daily make up remover and night cleanser. 

Here I applied lipstick (first row), liquid liner (second row), blusher (third row) and eyeshadow (forth row) on my hand for demonstration. 

My most favorite thing about this product? Of course the spray applicator. Instead of a pump like most make up removers, I find sprays to be easier to deal with. Sometimes I spray it on a cotton pad and wipe my make up off. But sometimes I just spray it all over my face and wipe it with a cotton pad. 

You can do either way, because it will wipe off all your make up nonetheless! Can you believe it if I say my hand is clear just after two wipes? 

For Muslims, Célèc products are manufactured by GMP and is HALAL. So you don't have to sweat about it! This is to ensure that it suits the majority ethnic in Malaysia as well as other ethnic in Malaysia.

You can purchase this product by contacting them via :

Email -
Whatsapp - 018 6680138

So my verdict?

What I like?
How simple and easy it is in just one bottle. I don't have to own three different products on my table to do different things for my skin as this can do all that in just one bottle! Also, let's not forget about the spray applicator!

What I don't like?
Nothing so far!

 RM98.00 per bottle (80ml)

Overall Verdict?
So far, I'm really liking this product as it makes my life easier especially when my life is so hectic. I'm always so lazy to take care of my skin when I have so many things on my plate, which is not good. But I feel like this product helps me a lot in that department as I don't have to put on so many products on my face after a long day. 

I rate this product :
4 stars

September 6, 2016

Turning a Quarter Century Old with A Heart Attack

So this is how it feels like being old.

It feels like.... nothing.

Well, the difference is that I don't really wait for the clock to strike 12.00AM anymore. I didn't even care what time it was,  I needed my beauty sleep! I slept at 10PM the night before my birthday. I used to stay up late just to see if my family has a surprise planned for me and sometimes I stayed up late just to read all my friends' wishes on WhatsApp, Facebook and all the social medias I have. I have been pretty busy with work, my dissertation and my wedding preparation that I honestly almost forgot about my birthday. It wasn't until Fara texted me saying "Your birthday is in a few hours!". Then it hit me right it the face.

Why don't I care about my birthday anymore? Birthday used to be the biggest deal of my life. Birthdays are my thing. Now I started to think that birthdays are just birthdays. You have birthdays every year. What's so special about it?


Is it because I'm old? I don't think so. So, why didn't I feel excited? I didn't even look forward to it, to be honest. Maybe because I was (still am) too busy with my life that I think there are so many other important things that I need to take care of that my own birthday seems like it's nothing. 

On the night before my birthday, I honestly didn't remember. I went to sleep at 10.30pm because I was so tired and I had a really bad day that day. One thing you have to know about me is that I always sleep earlier than usual when I had a rough day because I think sleeping it off is better than just staying up thinking about how bad the day had been. So I texted my fiancé good night and went to sleep without even waiting for his reply. 

I was in a deep sleep when someone knocked on my door. Was sleepy and grumpy, so I opened up the door with a growl. Saw my sister, Nina's panic face. Her hands were shaking and her eyes were wild. Something bad must have happened and all the grumpiness went away, replaced by worry. According to Nina, she saw someone, a shadow standing outside her bedroom window. She said she went into her room and went straight to the toilet but she saw a shadow through her white curtains. OMG, just writing about it made my heart thump right now. It was so scary to hear, but being the bigger sister, I had to show that I was brave to protect her. But I couldn't face that alone, so I dragged her to our parents room to call Dad. However, our Dad wasn't in the room. I heard the TV downstairs, so I knew he was downstairs watching the midnight news like he always does. So I had no choice but to wake Mom up and told her the whole thing. Mom face was shocked but the three of us tip-toed to Nina's room, which is just next to mine. I slowly pushed her door and there it was. 

A freaking shadow, just like how she described. Tall and buff. I imagined the person standing outside the window to be scary looking and have the baddest intention. 

My hands were shaking and I can hear my own heartbeat through my own ears, I'm not even kidding. 

"Thump. Thump. Thump."

Subtle knocks on the window.

My heart jumped. 

I didn't know what to do. I wanted to go to the window and see who was there and what did he/she want but I was too shaky and scared that the person had a weapon. So I told Nina to run downstairs to call our Dad while Mom and I stayed to make sure the person stays there. I hugged Mom while waiting for Dad. 

Dad came up with a torchlight and went straight to the window. He looked and said "maybe it was just a cat because there's no one here." My eyes widened and with a shaky voice, I told my Dad, "it couldn't be just a cat! We saw a tall shadow standing right there and the person even knocked on the window!". Confusion plastered on my Dad's face and he held his hand up, motioning to open the window. I ran to him and asked him to stop because I was scared that the person attacks him straight. As I ran to the window, I was too late. Dad already opened the window and I saw a hand reaching inside. I screamed, wanting to pull Dad when I saw pink balloons.... And curls.

Yeap, it was Amin.


Seriously. What did I do to deserve such heart attack?!

When I said the shadow was tall and buff...

Well, I take that back.

More like tall and fluffy. Pftttttt.

June 24, 2016

Choosing the Right Perfume

I have always been a fan of anything scented since I was a little kid. When I was younger, I was obsessed with scented soaps then, I used to just hold the soap under running water until the soap disappeared slowly in my hands. I was very amused and continued doing that until Mom found out and Mom changed from soap to liquid body shower in my bathroom. I eventually got over that phase after I found out that perfumes and body sprays exist. After exploring Mom's vanity table, I started to secretly spray Mom's Dior every time after I shower. But when Mom was confused why her perfume ran out so fast, I just kept quiet and gave her the innocent "how should I know" look. *Hi Mom. I know you're reading this and I'm sorry hehe*

After all those years, I am still pretty much obsessed with scents. Be it candles, body lotions, sanitizers, wet tissues or perfumes. You name it. As long as it smells good to my nose, I love it. I collect perfumes and body mists and wear different scents according to my outfits and my mood. Sometimes I go for sweet scents, sometimes I go for fruity scents. But most of the part I will go for the latter because there's just something about fruity scents that appeal to me. It's more "me", if you know what I mean.

Because of my obsession towards scents, I am always on the look out for new body sprays and perfumes. I have a tray full of different perfumes in my room. Sometimes I buy the perfume for the scent which is normal but you know, these days perfume packaging are so adorable that I can't resist buying even if the scent isn't my cup of tea. As long as the bottle looks nice in my perfume collection, that's good enough for me. This habit is bad, I know. Perfumes can be pricey and it's not good that I buy for the purposed of having the pretty bottles on my vanity table instead of actually putting the perfume to use. Note to self : I need to stop buying pretty perfumes!

Being a fan of perfumes, with my wedding coming soon, of course I want to add  a perfume set on my dulang hantaran. It's like, a no brainer. I am still on the look out for the right perfume. So far I've seen pretty bottles but decided against it because I know not to make a decision based on the packaging. I also came across some pretty nice scents but the bottles just don't make the cut to be on my dulang! I need a nice bottle and a nice scent that screams ME! I thought I wanted to go back to one of my favorite scents but I feel like, this is a special occasion, so of course I want to try a different brand, a different smell. But here are some of my favorite scents that I've grown to love over the past few years :

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck

This perfume is soooooooo sweet, I can almost taste the sweetness in my mouth. When I first bought this bottle, it was because I love Tay Tay and being typical fan girl that I am, of course I bought her perfume! I actually bought it without smelling it first. That's how obsessed I am with Taylor. Hehe. When I got home, I smelled the perfume and the rest is history. It's safe to say that I might like the perfume more than Taylor Swift, that's how much I love the scent!

Viva La Juicy

This is another purchase that I made not because of the scent at first. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you'd know how much I love Juicy Couture. I actually felt lost when Juicy Couture shut its doors in Malaysia a couple of years ago. It was such a sad m  oment for me! That was the reason why I bought my first bottle of Viva La Juicy. The scent was too strong for my liking but then I guess the scent grew on me because I started to like the scent more and more every time I wear it. Now I'm on my third bottle already but because of the strong scent, I often choose to wear it when I have dinners or events that suit the strong scent.  

Victoria Secret Pure Seduction

This is my signature scent. Like, if you are around me a lot, you would know that Pure Seduction is so "Ayeen". My family and friends already recognize this scent. There was this one morning, I came to the office earlier than usual. I went into the office and went straight to my desk. As I was doing my work, the cleaner came up to me and said "Adik, kalau adik datang saya sudah tahu sebab bau adik ini sangat manis" (Translation : I know it was you when you came in because of your sweet smell). See how this scent has become a part of me? Haha.

Because I know these three are always in my collection, I want something different on my hantaran. Which is why I couldn't and haven't decide what perfume I want to choose. However, I just thought of sharing a few tips before you decide to buy a perfume.

I didn’t know there’re something about fragrance that is called perfume terminology – something useful to determine types of perfume such as absolutes, note, eau de cologne, eau de toilette, eau de parfum and perfume. In fact there is other terminology to describe scent families. For women there are citrus, fresh, floral, oriental, sweet, wood and spice. Perfumes for men include those and other masculine scents like leather, musk and mosses. This is where I noticed in which category of the scent families am I always attracted to and this has helped me to save a lot of time at the store by eliminating perfumes within the scent families I don't like.

A friend of mine told me to keep a few different perfumes from different fragrance families. To be honest it is kind of fun to switch up my signature scent according to different time of season, occasion or even my mood. For example, sweet floral during the daytime and something spicy at night for a dinner date.This is where my Viva La Juicy came in. Since the scent is stronger for my liking, I always opted that scent when I have dinners or events at night.

Perfumes do react differently depending on who is wearing it because of our unique body chemistry. Before you get a new bottle try to spray it on a card first and smell it again after a few minutes. If you are okay with the smell then spray it on your skin to be sure. Plus you need to take your skin type into account because it can effect on how long it will last. Not just that, it is very important for you to know that the scent of your perfume does speak for you personality. So you might want to get the latest selection of perfume online that shows of your style, taste and personality.

Here are some recommendations :

Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends Orange Flower and Lychee Fragrant Body Spray, L’eau D’hiver Editions de Parfums  Frederic Malle, Atelier Cologne Oolang Infiniti Cologne Absolue.

Tom Ford Café Rose Eau de Parfum, Byredo Black Saffron Eau de Parfum

Les Exclusifs de Chanel Bel Respiro, Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Cologne

What is your favorite scent? Share with me and I might choose your favorite scent to be on my dulang.
Help a girl out because I really am spoiled with choices. There are too many choices and I'm getting confused which suits me the most!

October 15, 2015

#8HoursofLux Bold & Beautiful Campaign

Do you know how annoying it is when you found a shower gel that smells so good and you bought it hoping you’d smell so good throughout the whole day but the fragrance just don’t last? Some shower gels can’t even last a couple hours. Being a fragrance addict that I am, I’ve experienced this a lot. I always tend to purchase good smelling things only to find out that I have to shower at least 5 times a day to make the smell lasts all day.

That is why when I was invited to this campaign by Lux, I was thrilled and curious. It is said that the long lasting fine fragrance from Lux can last for up to 8 hours. I was of course, doubting the truth behind that statement. And so.. I RSVP-ed to the invitation, wanting to know more about this long lasting fine fragrance that is Magical Spell.

“8 hours?”
“Yeah right”, I told myself.

I admit, I was being skeptical about it. Well, don’t blame me. Blame the thousands of shower gel bottles I’ve tried but was never satisfied.

Since (and I quote) the Lux Magical Spell can lasts up to 8 hours, the campaign is scheduled for 8 full hours. From 10am to 6pm, which was pretty shocking to me. Usually the events I was invited to will end in no more than 2 and a half hours, max. But now, 8 hours? Wow, Lux really wants to prove me wrong, I thought to myself. Hehe.

I arrived at the venue in Sunway Damansara sharp at 10am. I wanted to be there earlier but you know us girls (or is it just me? Just me? Yeah okay….). My right wing eyeliner was not streaked the same angle as the left. So…. Yeah. There goes my 10 minutes.

Anyway, I knew Sabrina Tajuddin was coming to this event as well. So we texted each other saying that we should meet up at the entrance so we can go in together. When we arrived, we were greeted by the friendliest people. We were also offered drinks while waiting for the rest of the media to arrive. While waiting, I had the chance to meet the other 6 bloggers who were participating in the make over by Lux. Aside from Sabrina, I met Charis, Sarah, Chenelle, Shea, Namee and Cik Epal.

The event started with the host welcoming the guests, talked a little bit about Lux and Magical Spell, followed by speeches by Chong Yen Nee, Category Head Senior Brand Manager, Total Skin, Unilever Malaysia Holdings Sdn Bhd.  as well as the special celebrity guest, Juliana Evans.

The objective of this campaign is to inspire women all over the world to be bold and beautiful by stepping out of their comfort zone but still feel confident with themselves. With Lux Magical Spell, which contains powerful fragrance of black orchid, juniper oil and a blend of dark woods, golden amber and vanilla bean, the fragrance can provoke the boldness and bring out the sensual confidence in a woman.

All guests were then invited over to the fragrance corner where we can experience the long lasting fine fragrance that is Lux Magical Spell right there and then. I couldn’t miss the opportunity so I went to the fragrance corner and tried it on, with the help of Lux R&D team of course! After she exfoliated my hand with the cute purple loofah, I straight away put my hand to my nose so I can smell it.

Mmmm, yes. It smells gooood.


Yes, there’s a but. I was still doubting its ability to lasts up to 8 hours! So let’s just wait till this event ends and I can smell my hands again, then we can jump to a conclusion, alright? *smirks*

After lunch, all the media went back while the remaining 8 bloggers stay for the make over. We were all so anxious because we didn’t know what to expect from the make over.

What if I didn’t like it? *gasp*

The make up team from SUB International School of Beauty and Make-Up was all ready at the vanity tables, waiting for us. Once seated, I realized the lack of mirror presence. Yeap, there’s no mirror at all! Well, except the full-length mirror I saw stationed in the middle of the changing rooms. But even that mirror was covered with cloth over it. Dang, these people really meant it when they said “you are not allowed to see yourselves during the makeover”. Even our phones were taken away in a box! *cries* All of us were looking at each other when they took our phones away. Confusion and devastation were plastered all of our faces! But the team said that they don’t want us to take selfies of ourselves or take a peek at our make up and outfit before they reveal our full make over in front of the full-length mirror (yes, the mirror I saw earlier). I guess that’s the only mirror in the whole room.

Each one of us was styled with the help of fashion stylist, Min Luna alongside Juliana Evans. All the outfits chosen for us were all from ZALORA, which was pretty exciting. I mean, ZALORA is a reputable online brand and everyone knows that. Not only that, now they have their own store in Mitsui Outlet in Sepang. Impressive, I must say!

After our make up, we changed into the outfits chosen for us. I know what the outfit looks like (Juliana and Min explained to us on what our make-up should be and how our outfits should look like at the beginning of the makeover) but I had no idea if it'll look good on me. Not to mention, my make up! Oh no, what if I didn’t like the make up? Everything was recorded from start to finish. So I was pretty nervous on how to react in front of the mirror when they finally reveal my whole look.  Long story short, I did not run away. Nor did I faint after looking at myself in the mirror. Instead, I was honestly shocked. I couldn’t even recognize myself! The color combination of the outfit and the heavy eye shadows were not something I would choose to wear. However, I definitely feel confident with the bolder look I was donning! I really liked how it turned out, honestly speaking. Stepping out of my comfort zone never felt so good!



I mean, I can't believe my eyes. I looked so different!
So here's a better picture of me before and after side by side so you guys can see how different I looked after the make over!

 All of us were treated for a glamorous photo shoot after they revealed everyone’s makeovers. There was also a surprise where they would choose one winner who stands out and portrays confidence with the new look.


I was the winner!!!! SCREAMS!!!!

I didn’t expect it, honestly but it sure felt good to be on that stage as the winner for this bold and beautiful campaign.

As for the prize, I got to keep all the ZALORA pieces that were on me. How awesome is that?! Thank you ZALORA.

Now I am excited to see how the whole thing once it’s produced!

By the way, when the event ended at 7pm, Charis and I excitedly smelled our hands to see if the Magical Spell’s fragrance is still there. Yeap, the smell was still there, as if we just washed our hands with it only 5 minutes ago. Lux Magical Spell truly has the long lasting fine fragrance that lasts for up to 8 hours!

Finally, a shower gel that lasts!! JACKPOT!!!

To experience a luxurious shower, follow these three steps:

Step #1 - Lux
Wet the loofahs in the shower and pour a little Lux Magical Spell on the loofah.

Step #2 - Loofah
Gently massage the loofah to work into a rich, luxurious lather and enjoy the intense and alluring fragrance of Lux Magical Spell.

Step #3 - Lather
Massage all over your body to let the luxurious lather and its enchanting fragrance embrace your skin and sense!

Lux Magical Spell is available at all hypermarkets, supermarkets, pharmacies and trade outlets.

RM17.90 / 950 ml

RM6.00 / 220ml

While the refill pack is priced at RM8.90 / 600ml.

The campaign really made me realized that no matter what you choose to wear,  it’s your confidence that matters the most.

I was asked at the event to explain what being bold and beautiful means to me. Without hesitation, I said:

“Being bold and beautiful to me is being able to feel confident with who you are and what you choose to wear. It’s about being able to do that without thinking of other people’s judgments. It’s all about being true to yourself, loving yourself for it and showing to the world that you are confident and comfortable being in your own skin.”

What do you think? What does being bold and beautiful mean to you?
Let me know!