September 25, 2016

REVIEW : Célèc Miracle Sécrèt

When I am out and about, I will tend to get uncomfortable with my face, especially if I have a full on make up. It always feel like I have so much dirt on my face but when I take out my compact mirror, I can't see anything wrong. It'll start to feel heavy and oily to the extent that I feel my pores are clogging up with dirt. I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about, especially you guys who take make up seriously, like me. 

I used to not care about it and usually I'll just touch up with one or two sweep(s) of my powder to make the oil go away. However, I find this rather wrong in so many ways! You know when your pores are clogged, you shouldn't clog it even more with more products on. It's common sense right? But most of us still do it anyway. Don't worry, I used to do it all the time! When I realized that it's not good for my skin, I stopped doing that and opted to just dab the oil with a tissue or that blue sheet of paper (oil blotting sheets). It helps to remove the oil from my face, but I don't feel fresh or clean after wiping my face with these. 

When I had my first eczema attack, my (ex) skin doctor asked me start using a face spray. I didn't know what it was then but I bought a brand that is known to heal flaky eczema skin. I used it for a year and stopped because believe it or not, after one year, my skin is getting drier and flakier. I couldn't stand it so I put a stop to it. Ever since then, I stopped completely with face sprays because I felt cheated. I mean, my (ex) skin doctor recommended that stuff to me! But that is why he's my ex skin doctor, I guess. He recommended something that made my skin worse and that is not okay. I stopped believing in face sprays for a while and my current skin doctor suggested a cream for babies because according to her, my skin is getting thinner and I need a very mild product to protect it. Alhamdulillah, my eczema went away after a week and a half using the cream. 

Here we are, a year later, and I haven't gotten any serious eczema attacks (I hope I don't jinx it by saying it on here) and I am truly grateful. A month ago, Ecolantic Professionals emailed me asking me to try their products. They mailed me two of their products which are the all in one cleansing water (which I love!) that I reviewed a week ago (you can read it here) and the second product they mailed to me was a face spray. Yes, that kind where I said I stopped believing in. When I first got it, my doubts started to fill my thoughts. 

"What have I gotten myself into?"

"Is this going to be the same thing repeating itself?"

"Will my eczema come back after I tried this on?"

As a blogger/Youtuber, I receive products from companies, yes. But I always choose wisely as to what brands and what products I say yes to. I don't want to publish bad things about a product or a brand just because it doesn't work on my skin. I mean, different people have different skin types and I shouldn't jeopardize a brand's name just because I have overly sensitive skin. But I do know if a product works wonders on my skin, it might work on other skin types too because if my sensitive skin is okay with, I'm sure the product will work as good or even better on people who have normal skin. That's why I always dig up information about the products before I reply to companies' emails. Usually companies will give me a brief explanation about the product and the brand itself, but of course companies will always market good things about their products, so to me it's very important for me to make my own research on them. If the product is okay, I would say yes. But if I think the product will not help my skin, I would turn down the offer but with a good solid reason. At least I have a reason and that way I'm giving them to maybe counter my points as to why I think the product is not good for my skin. 

So anyway, it took me a few days to decide whether I should spray Célèc Miracle Sécrèt on my face. Now it's been a month and I've been spraying it in the morning and at night. This Miracle Water is definitely not my worst nightmare after all! 

It helps my skin to stay hydrated and smooth. The brochure mentioned that this product will also reduce fine lines and wrinkles, which is not applicable to me as I don't have those on my face (at least not yet) and I hope by starting to spray it on my face this early, those lines won't even form on my face even if I get older! These past weeks, a lot of people have been coming up to me telling me how smooth and glowing my face is. I don't know if it's the Miracle Sécrèt spray or not, but I'd like to think it is. Because other than this spray and the Célèc All in One Cleansing Water, I have not changed anything in my skin regime. So 99.9% it's these products, for sure.

Here's how I use my spray :

For Muslims, Célèc products are manufactured by GMP and is HALAL. So you don't have to sweat about it! This is to ensure that it suits the majority ethnic in Malaysia as well as other ethnic in Malaysia.

You can purchase this product by contacting them via :

Email -
Whatsapp - 018 6680138

So my verdict?

What I like?
Finally, a face spray that is not drying on my sensitive skin! Need I say more?

What I don't like?
The fact that I need to cleanse my face before spraying this product. I want it to be all day round spray fest with this and I wish this product can be sprayed on my full on make up face (although I do that sometimes).

 RM288.00 per bottle (80ml)

Overall Verdict?
I like the fact that it made my skin hydrated and reduced my dark circles under my eyes! I tried so many eye creams but none of them are as good as this spray.

I rate this product :
4 stars

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