September 28, 2013

Lisa Magazine October 2013 Issue

A couple of months ago, I was approached by one of my friends who is currently working for Lisa magazine. If you don't know what Lisa is, it is a local Malaysia magazine that includes everything girls like. Fashion, beauty and solutions to life's problems, you name it! 

My friend, Alia Roslan or better known as Yaya works for the magazine and called Fara and I for an interview for their BFF issue. She said she knows Fara and I have been close since we were 9, so she thought it would be appropriate for us to be featured in the magazine and tell their readers some stories and our experiences being friends for so long. 

A couple of days ago, I bought the magazine and saw the spread of us. It was amazing!! Thank you Alia :)

Go get your copy of the October 2013 issue of Lisa magazine now if you want to read our friendship story ;)


Sabrina Tajudin said...

this is amazing! i want to get a copy!!!! <3

Puteri Panda said...

Hi.. Ayeen, lama senyap? I miss you and your blog. Huhu. Ayeen masuk majalah ea! Bestnya... :)

Ayeen Kadir said...

Sabrina : Yes go go and get your copy! :D Hehe

Puteri Panda : Hi Puteri! Yea, Ayeen busy sangat sebab baru start final year lepas balik from Vietnam hari tu. Tapi sekarang tgh try to get back on track with my blog and videos. Hehe! :D

h.a.n said...

done ! I dah beli pon