September 27, 2013

Are You Team High Street or Team Designer?

What is life without fashion? What will happen to this world without fashion? Will you survive without fashion?

Personally, I don't think the world would be as interesting as it is without fashion. Imagine strolling down the street and all you see are sweatpants and sweatshirts every single day? Don't get me wrong, sweatpants and sweatshirts are very comfortable to wear everyday but they are not very fashionable now are they? It actually depends on the person though, what is good fashion and what is not. Fashion is very subjective. Different people have different styles all over the world and not everyone will agree on what is classy and what is trashy. You might find a chevron dress with a cut out back very appealing and classy but it might look like you're committing a fashion crime to other people. You might hink that the famous Isabel Marant sneakers are the most genius idea any designer has ever come up with but to others, they would call themselves 'fashion victims' if they're caught in those same pair of sneakers. 
That is why fashion is very subjective. You can never define fashion in only one way. 

Girls or boys, women or men they all have different view in fashion. Most of the time, you can actually see a person's personality by seeing his/her style but of course, you can't really stereotype people based on what they wear. That's not good, keep that in mind! Also, it's not good to mock people based on what they wear. Like I said, fashion is very subjective. So what might look bad to you, might look good to others. There is no reason why you should bring other people down by what they wear. So live your life and wear what you think looks good on you, not comment on others' fashion and style. I already wrote a post about my style, so if you want to read about how I define and describe my style, you can read all about it here. 

Some people look up to other people like celebrities or socialites as inspirations and as their fashion icons on what to wear. Fashion icons nowadays put together their outfits with a wide range of brands. Whether it's designers', high street brands or thrift shops, they definitely know how to put together a whole outfit without caring too much about the price tags. If you ask me, I don't mind the price tags or the name on the back of the dress. As long as it is my style and it's comfortable, I'll wear it. But of course, I won't buy anything that would burn a hole in my wallet. Or in this case, my parents' wallets. If it is worth the price, I will definitely buy it. That's why if you walk in my wardrobe, you would see dresses from thrift shops, tops from high street brands like Zara or Topshop and some of my bags are from the higher end designers like Kate Spade or Juicy Couture. My wardrobe varies in so many ways; the colors, the prices and the brands. I buy things that catch my eyes and that I (or my parents) can afford. Honestly speaking, my higher end bags are mostly bought overseas because designer bags in Malaysia are very over priced. I wouldn't even buy anything from Kate Spade here in Malaysia because one bag here costs more than 2 bags in The States, or sometimes if you go to any outlets in The States, you can even get 3 Kate Spade bags for the price of one bag here in Malaysia. I admit, I'm a crazy shopaholic but I'm not a chronic one where I'm wiling to buy a RM10,000 tote. I admit, if I have the money, I would buy 10 Chanel bags because I'm a sucker for designer brands but too bad I can't afford it. I think in a way, it is kind of a motivation to me because I know if I want to own a very expensive designer piece, I would have to study and work my ass off to reward myself with those luxurious items. So in a totally indirect way, I would be motivated to be successful in the future. But of course, that's my logic. 
As for now, I guess you can say I'm more in the middle, where I love and own a few designer pieces but at the same time, I own a lot of high street brands too.

Here I would like to share an infographic that I think would be very informative to all you fashion addicts and shopaholics out there. It compares a high street brand, Zara with a designer brand, Louis Vuitton. It shows how you can wear a RM300 Zara dress and look as classy as you would be in a RM 4,000 LV jumpsuit.

I hope this helps some of you out there. There is no right or wrong in fashion. You can wear what you think looks best on you and you can buy anything that you can afford and love. It all depends on yourself.

So, are you on Team High Street or Team Designer? Or do you call yourself in the middle, like me?

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