April 22, 2013

TAG : 50 Random Facts About Me!

This tag has been going on for a while now. Basically this is a tag where you list down 50 random things about you. So here goes...

1. I hate public toilets
2. I'm always scared to get my hair cut
3. I was a ballerina for 5 years and I regret quitting
4. I have eczema 
5. I really hate long nails
6. I used to hate cats until I got my first cat, Ginger in 2006
7. I'm definitely a morning person
8. I used to be scared of hate comments every time I upload a new video on my Youtube channel & blog, but now I don't care anymore
9. I love Adam Brody
10. I'm obsessed with Youtube, I watch videos on Youtube every single day
11. I used to date my current boyfriend back in the year 2003, lost contact with him and got back together in 2008, still dating him as of now
12. I always feel the need to buy at least one thing every time I go out
13. I used to hate coffee but it's what I drink almost everyday now
14. I hate the shape of my lips
15. I hate my voice
16. I've been on an extreme diet where I don't eat anything except an apple in a day
17. I was a pescetarian for 3 years
18. I was called for an interview to pursue my studies in French Language but I have never learned French before in my life
19. I'm afraid of heights
20. I don't like roller coasters
21. I got paid to be a runway model for a small event once 
22. Most horror movies don't scare me
23. I'm paranoid when it comes to organizing things
24. I collect books and I love reading
25. I am a hardcore Bollywood fan, especially Shah Rukh Khan
26. I was obsessed with Harry Potter
27. I used to wish I had long hair like Rapunzel but my Mom won't let me grow my hair that long
28. I learned to play guitar & bass from my brother
29. I collect nice paper bags. I used to buy things just to get the paper bags
30. I went through a lot of celebrity phases : Hilary Duff, Simple Plan, Ashlee Simpson, Mary-Kate & Ashley
31. Macbarbie07 was the reason I started my own Youtube channel
32. I started to like make up since I was little, I used to steal Mom's lipsticks when I was 5. But I started to like make up for real when I worked for Benefit in 2009
33. I wish I live in a country that has 4 seasons
34. I used to straighten my hair using an iron (yes, the iron that you use to iron your clothes) back in 2003 because it was hard to find a straightener back then
35. I prefer brunettes than blondes
36. I like tall and skinny guys (just look at my boyfriend. Hehe)
37. I used to be the tallest in my ballet class but now I'm like, so short compared to my friends
38. I love The Beatles & am obsessed with John Lennon
39. My dream car is a white Range Rover
40. My first high end make up that I owned was a Coralista blush by Benefit & that's where my Youtube username came from 
41. I don't like flowers but if I were to choose, I'd pick daisies
42. I'm obsessed with Shaun the Sheep
43. I was into fine arts in high school
44. I love babies and children
45. My favorite subject is Law
46. I love traveling and being on a plane
47. My favorite Disney princess is Ariel The Little Mermaid
48. My most favorite place I've been to is Los Angeles
49. My favorite brand is Juicy Couture
50. My guilty pleasures include handbags and Starbucks

So those are the 50 most random things I could think of myself. 
I TAG ALL OF YOU! If you have a blog, I tag you!


Puteri Panda said...

woah, 50? ok, i will do it soon.. btw, kita ada beberapa persamaan la. hihi..:)

Anonymous said...

"I TAG ALL OF YOU! If you have a blog, I tag you!"

That's me too, right?


Ayeen Kadir said...

Puteri Panda : Yes, you should do it too so I can see what we have in common! :D

h.a.n said...

cool ! and we have a lot of common

Ayeen Kadir said...

uglysyu : Yes, you should!! But don't feel like I'm forcing you. Hehe it's okay if you're not up for it :p

Ayeen Kadir said...

h.a.n : We do?? If you happen to do this tag, give me the link and I'll check it out! :D

h.a.n said...

sure , but give me some time okay :) hihih , quite busy with a lot of drawing to submit :(

Ayeen Kadir said...

h.a.n : Sure, take your time ;)

desperate ruumate said...

did you know that i actually like your lips and your voice.

creepy tak i? haaaaa


Ayeen Kadir said...

Tita : Hahahaha tak creepy la kalau perempuan cantik yang suka :p Hehe thank you Tita :D

Qistina Ayu said...

Done! hehe

h.a.n said...

I'm done hihihi

Anonymous said...

hey i've finished mine. Do check it if you have time :)


Anonymous said...

I've just finish mine. I enjoyed reading yours. I regret quitting ballet too. :D


Ayeen Kadir said...

catherinegwen : Thanks for doing the tag! Will check out yours now! :D