September 6, 2016

Turning a Quarter Century Old with A Heart Attack

So this is how it feels like being old.

It feels like.... nothing.

Well, the difference is that I don't really wait for the clock to strike 12.00AM anymore. I didn't even care what time it was,  I needed my beauty sleep! I slept at 10PM the night before my birthday. I used to stay up late just to see if my family has a surprise planned for me and sometimes I stayed up late just to read all my friends' wishes on WhatsApp, Facebook and all the social medias I have. I have been pretty busy with work, my dissertation and my wedding preparation that I honestly almost forgot about my birthday. It wasn't until Fara texted me saying "Your birthday is in a few hours!". Then it hit me right it the face.

Why don't I care about my birthday anymore? Birthday used to be the biggest deal of my life. Birthdays are my thing. Now I started to think that birthdays are just birthdays. You have birthdays every year. What's so special about it?


Is it because I'm old? I don't think so. So, why didn't I feel excited? I didn't even look forward to it, to be honest. Maybe because I was (still am) too busy with my life that I think there are so many other important things that I need to take care of that my own birthday seems like it's nothing. 

On the night before my birthday, I honestly didn't remember. I went to sleep at 10.30pm because I was so tired and I had a really bad day that day. One thing you have to know about me is that I always sleep earlier than usual when I had a rough day because I think sleeping it off is better than just staying up thinking about how bad the day had been. So I texted my fiancé good night and went to sleep without even waiting for his reply. 

I was in a deep sleep when someone knocked on my door. Was sleepy and grumpy, so I opened up the door with a growl. Saw my sister, Nina's panic face. Her hands were shaking and her eyes were wild. Something bad must have happened and all the grumpiness went away, replaced by worry. According to Nina, she saw someone, a shadow standing outside her bedroom window. She said she went into her room and went straight to the toilet but she saw a shadow through her white curtains. OMG, just writing about it made my heart thump right now. It was so scary to hear, but being the bigger sister, I had to show that I was brave to protect her. But I couldn't face that alone, so I dragged her to our parents room to call Dad. However, our Dad wasn't in the room. I heard the TV downstairs, so I knew he was downstairs watching the midnight news like he always does. So I had no choice but to wake Mom up and told her the whole thing. Mom face was shocked but the three of us tip-toed to Nina's room, which is just next to mine. I slowly pushed her door and there it was. 

A freaking shadow, just like how she described. Tall and buff. I imagined the person standing outside the window to be scary looking and have the baddest intention. 

My hands were shaking and I can hear my own heartbeat through my own ears, I'm not even kidding. 

"Thump. Thump. Thump."

Subtle knocks on the window.

My heart jumped. 

I didn't know what to do. I wanted to go to the window and see who was there and what did he/she want but I was too shaky and scared that the person had a weapon. So I told Nina to run downstairs to call our Dad while Mom and I stayed to make sure the person stays there. I hugged Mom while waiting for Dad. 

Dad came up with a torchlight and went straight to the window. He looked and said "maybe it was just a cat because there's no one here." My eyes widened and with a shaky voice, I told my Dad, "it couldn't be just a cat! We saw a tall shadow standing right there and the person even knocked on the window!". Confusion plastered on my Dad's face and he held his hand up, motioning to open the window. I ran to him and asked him to stop because I was scared that the person attacks him straight. As I ran to the window, I was too late. Dad already opened the window and I saw a hand reaching inside. I screamed, wanting to pull Dad when I saw pink balloons.... And curls.

Yeap, it was Amin.


Seriously. What did I do to deserve such heart attack?!

When I said the shadow was tall and buff...

Well, I take that back.

More like tall and fluffy. Pftttttt.

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