September 8, 2016

REVIEW : Célèc All in One Cleansing Water

These past few months, my skin was acting up and I thought "hey, it's the stress". It's true, I have eczema and it attacks mostly when I'm stress and busy with a lot of work. I didn't have the time to even think about my skin so ignored it. Until my face has redness all over, that was when I started to get worried. I'm getting married and I have to take care of my skin despite the stress and workload!

So I started researching about the remedies and whatnot. I came across "cleansing" a lot while researching and I have to admit. Cleansing is one of the most important part of your skin regime besides moisturizing. Especially when you are out the whole day at work and came home without cleansing is a big no no. But of course I was being ignorant and still did that anyway. Sometimes I came home too tired to even lift a finger. So without removing my make up, I took a shower and sleep. That is such a bad example and I can't believe I did that to my skin. 

So one day, I decided to start cleansing properly so I won't have a red eczema-fied face on my dais on my special day. Ummm, NU-UH. Not gonna happen, man. So I (forced) myself to cleanse every single day. Day and night. However, having sensitive skin is not easy. I can't cleanse with a normal cleanser. I have to carefully choose my products so it won't trigger my eczema. I remember my skin doctor told me I can only use mild products. "Baby products best suited your skin because your skin is so sensitive and thin, like a baby's", my doctor has said. I don't know to take that as a bad news because I can't simply try on products, or I should feel proud that my skin is as smooth (?) as a baby's skin. Although the exact words the doctor mentioned was "thin" and "sensitive", not "smooth".... Well, they're the same to me. Hehe. 

Some time last week, I was staring at my face in the mirror thinking "what should I do with you, oh dear skin?". That was when I saw a box on my vanity table that has "Célèc All-In-On Cleansing Water" written on its packaging. Well, oh well, look what we have here. I picked up the box and started reading the box, did some research on the product, the ingredients and such and decided it is going to be my daily cleanser now. I got the product for review a week a go and had yet to try it. Having skin problem made me careful in choosing what I put on my face but after researching, I found out this product is okay to be used for all skin types.

I started to wear it as my night cleanser as it is all in one product, where it can be my make up remover, eye make up remover (yes, even my mascara comes off with just two wipes), lipstick remover, daily cleanser, hydrate my skin and it can also refresh your skin. It hydrates my skin which is a plus as whenever my eczema attacks, it becomes flaky and dry. I can never use oil base make up remover because that makes my skin extra itchy. I have always use water base make up remover but I think you girls know that a good water base make up remover is hard to find because usually water base make up removers are drying. Hence I was skeptical at first with this product but I know I'll never know if I don't try it.

Now it's been a week and I'm loving it! And you girls know I don't do reviews if I don't like the product. But right now I'm writing a whole post about it, so you know what that means. I love how easy and convenient it is. 

I know skin is not a petty thing. It's very important and I learned that the hard way. Went through several eczema attacks. And this is why I never simply put on things on my skin without research and I never recommend things I have never tried myself. Which is also why I know most people don't trust any brands or products that easy. So here's a brief background about Célèc :

The brand célèc is meant to be celebrity in French. Their product is formulated from France, hence, it's natural that the brand is named under a French name. The founder wants to bring the French perspective of beauty to Malaysia, as French women makes beauty look easy. Furthermore, their founder wanted beauty to be as simple as can be and that everyone can be like a celebrity, hence, célèc was born. The company - Ecolantic Professionals Sdn Bhd strives with the French philosophy: "Easy Way To Beauty" and everyone deserves to look good in any age.

Ecolantic has two best selling products but I will be reviewing them one by one as it takes some times for me to experience both products before giving you guys the honest review. 

One of the best selling product is the one I was blabbing about in this post; the All-In-One Cleansing Water. This is a mild water based cleansing water that effectively removes any waterproof makeups including eye makeup without stinging the eyes, lips makeup and sunscreens. It also have nutriments to ensure skin stays moisturize and supple throughout the day. It can be used as daily cleanser removing dirts while enhances the skin to be more elastic and supple. 

I started using this product as my daily make up remover and night cleanser. 

Here I applied lipstick (first row), liquid liner (second row), blusher (third row) and eyeshadow (forth row) on my hand for demonstration. 

My most favorite thing about this product? Of course the spray applicator. Instead of a pump like most make up removers, I find sprays to be easier to deal with. Sometimes I spray it on a cotton pad and wipe my make up off. But sometimes I just spray it all over my face and wipe it with a cotton pad. 

You can do either way, because it will wipe off all your make up nonetheless! Can you believe it if I say my hand is clear just after two wipes? 

For Muslims, Célèc products are manufactured by GMP and is HALAL. So you don't have to sweat about it! This is to ensure that it suits the majority ethnic in Malaysia as well as other ethnic in Malaysia.

You can purchase this product by contacting them via :

Email -
Whatsapp - 018 6680138

So my verdict?

What I like?
How simple and easy it is in just one bottle. I don't have to own three different products on my table to do different things for my skin as this can do all that in just one bottle! Also, let's not forget about the spray applicator!

What I don't like?
Nothing so far!

 RM98.00 per bottle (80ml)

Overall Verdict?
So far, I'm really liking this product as it makes my life easier especially when my life is so hectic. I'm always so lazy to take care of my skin when I have so many things on my plate, which is not good. But I feel like this product helps me a lot in that department as I don't have to put on so many products on my face after a long day. 

I rate this product :
4 stars

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