September 25, 2011

Oh my Summer!

If you don't already know, I named my stuffs. Not every single thing I own, no. Just the big things, like the ones I use everyday.

So, meet my..

Phone, her name is Foxy.
Old laptop was Whitey.
Now I haven't figure out the name for my new laptop, so if you have ideas, let me know!

But the most precious thing ever, is my car.

Her name is Summer.

Want to know where I got that name?

I love The OC and I'm obsessed with Seth and Summer. Was about to named my car Seth but I decided to have a female car. So I named her Summer instead. And it occurred to me that Summer (as in the season, not Rachel Bilson in The OC) is always bright and hot. My car is bright hot red, so I think Summer suits my car very well. You must think I'm so weird right now..

But anyway, I love love love Summer to the core. Food is strictly prohibited, drinks are allowed occasionally, windows can be open only to pay tolls or to take tickets because I don't want dusts in my car and of course, A BIG NO for farts. Hehe.

Last Monday, Zahir bought McDonalds and wanted to eat at home, but I don't know how, the Coke fell off from the bottle compartment. The Coke spilled all over the car carpet and guess what I did? I threw a tantrum and cried. HAHAHAHAHA when I think back, it's kind of funny. I'm such a cry baby.

That was just COKE.

On Wednesday, I was driving alone to college. Suddenly, I saw a block of wood bigger than a shoe box flew in front my car. At 120km/h, I couldn't hit the brake pedal as I was scared the car behind me will hit me. So I just let go of the gas pedal but the thing hit my car, nevertheless. The sound was so loud, I was panicked but I couldn't stop as I was on a highway. I was shivering and as soon as I arrived in college, I called Dad. My car was scratched and dented. Even the car's logo in front was cracked. I wanted to cry but I was in class. I had to suck it in.

How could I NOT cry after seeing this happened to my Summer??? :'(

After a few lectures of me not being focus and not alert on the road by Dad, we sent the car to the workshop. It took only one day for the mechanic to fix Summer.

Yesterday, I went to pick Summer up and was so relieved she's okay!

As good as new!! Alhamdulillah everything's fine now.

Be extra careful when you're driving. You won't know what's in store for you!
Drive safe, people!

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