October 9, 2011

Big Eyes Shop

Owned by one of my relatives, Big Eyes Shop is an online store that offers handmade bags, purses, clips, nursing covers and a whole lot more. Her workmanship is so neat and you'll be amazed by it, I swear! A couple of weeks ago, I bought a few stuffs from there and I ordered a few personalized items too. Last night, I had a family gathering and the founder of Big Eyes Shop came too. So, I received my ordered items last night. I was so excited to see them!! They're so pretty!

I ordered a make up pouch, with my name on it. And a couple of pad holders, one that matches my make up pouch and another one in my favorite color, red!

I really love that they are so neat and so pretty!!

The pad holders are very practical. Pads won't be scattered everywhere in my bag again. They'll be neatly kept in my new pad holder!

If you're interested, go visit Big Eyes Shop and order your own handmade things now! You won't regret it :)


Shada said...


Kak Ila really enjoyed reading your review & your feedback is greatly appreciated:)

Ayeen Kadir said...

Kak Ila, glad you liked the review I did. Keep up your good work! Really love your workmanship! :)