January 31, 2012

California update : Day 10 & 11

Just like the other day, Day 10 was all about shopping. We went to another premium outlet but this time, it was better because the outlet has every store I could imagine! So seeing as Day 10 was shopping day, I didn't really have photos and there's not much to say about this day because all I did was shopped, shopped and shopped.

So basically I just shopped for Kate Spade, more Charlotte Russe, Aldo and a few other brands. The place was super huge! I think I might get lost there if I was alone!

On Day 11, we went to Disneyland!!!! I was so excited because I've been waiting all my life for this! Disneyland is like, the best place to be because just by being there can make you happy all the time! And all the Disney princesses can really make you feel like you're in fairytale. Well, at least I felt that way. Hehe.

We woke up the next morning to have breakfast at Denny's, a really famous all day breakfast diner in California. Their strawberry smoothie was the best I've ever tasted, I swear!

After breakfast, we all walked from our hotel to the Disneyland because our hotel was pretty near to the theme park. When we arrived, I cannot believe how amazing it was. My jaw dropped to the ground seeing all the characters around me, I felt like I was in a dream. A really really nice dream.

And oh, along the Disney toys stores, I saw a Sephora. Like, waiting there for me. It felt even more like a dream. A Sephora in a fairytale land? Sounds like a nice combination to me.

Disneyland in LA has two theme parks, I don't know about the other Disneylands but in LA, they have the Disneyland and also the Disney California Adventure. So we planned to explore the Disney California Adventure first and we'll come back the next day for the second theme park. We wanted to go to the California Adventure first because it was smaller than the other park. So we figured that we should explore the smaller one first.

If at Universal Studio I said the rides were scary, here, it was even worse! But I braved myself and survived. I didn't go on the scariest ride though, the Paradise Pier. Because I could guarantee that I won't survive that but I was proud of myself nonetheless. I've never ride on this many rides before in my life. I won't go through all the rides I went on because that would be just too boring to read. But I'm going to upload the photos so you can see all the amazing rides and how nice the environment was.
Oh and my most favourite ride was the Hollywood Tower of Terror. I was so freaking scared at first, I almost peed. But since the whole family was going on the ride, I just had to go with them. Honestly, the whole ride was still a little scary (okay, a lot) but it was so much fun! I held on tight to my Dad's jeans the whole time since he was seating next to me. The ride gave me the tingly feeling in my stomach that I've never felt before, being a person who is afraid of heights made it even worse. It was so scary but it was kind of satisfying to experience that. Again, I'm so proud of myself that I braved myself to go on that ride. When we got off, it was dark outside.

We thought of heading to the exit after a few more rides but we saw The Little Mermaid ride! Out of all the Disney princesses, I've always loved Ariel a little bit more than the others. So I jumped in the queue, of course! It wasn't one of scary rides obviously since it's The Little Mermaid and nothing is scary about that. Hehe but I enjoyed the ride because the settings were so beautiful. I just wanted to live in there and don't come out forever!

So we headed out to the exit after that since it was getting pretty late and we were exhausted and hungry. We ordered Halal Pizzas and brought them back to the hotel room just so we can eat while we rest.

However, I wasn't hungry anymore by the time we got to our hotel. Why?

Because I was busy with my new doll!

I couldn't help it! I've given away 3 massive boxes worth of my old Barbies like, 6 years ago but seeing Ariel on the store's shelf.. I just couldn't resist. She has the prettiest smile and hair ever!!!

After all, you're never too old for toys. Right?


Qistina Ayu said...

Ahhh bestnya! I miss disneyland!

Ayeen Kadir said...

Yes yesss! I miss it too! :'(