July 13, 2013

My VanityTrove?

Want to know why Vanity Trove is the best beauty box you'll ever received?

Because their team consists of a bunch of hardworking and very creative people. They always know how to make it interesting and they will never fail to surprise us, the customers.

Recently, Vanity Trove had come up with a new oh so brilliant idea called My VanityTrove! So basically starting from now, you can actually customize your own trove. Which means, you, the customer have the chance to actually choose what products to include in your monthly trove!!!!!!!! If that's not awesome, I don't know what is! Seriously, how can you not get excited over something so amazing? So if you're interested on experiencing this new customized option by Vanity Trove, keep on reading as I'll guide you through the process as clear as I can, with direct links along the way to make it easier for you!

Firstly, if you don't have a Vanity Trove account, you should sign up for one because you can do a lot of interesting things on there (Go to their website to sign up!). Especially if you're really into beauty stuff like I am. You can basically update your beauty profile time to time, follow other people on there, give reviews and rate products you've tried before, 'like' products and brands and you can also add the products you always wanted to try on your wish list. Your beauty profile will consists of basic information about your skin type, hair, and eyes to give the Vanity Trove team an idea of yourself. Based on your beauty profile, Vanity Trove will help you by recommending products/samples for you to try. 

After you have updated your beauty profile, arrays of products will be recommended to you according to your preferences. You can choose up to 8 beauty samples, according to which plan you are going for. If you want to know about the plan Vanity Trove offers, I will explain further towards the end of this post.

Make sure to always keep up with the brands and products you like, add them to your wish list because that will unlock more sampling choices for you in the future!

Make your payment according to the membership plan you've chosen!

That's it! It's so simple and easy. Just click HERE, follow the steps above and just wait for your customized trove chosen by YOU delivered to your door step!

Other than the amazing opportunity for you to choose your own products in your trove, you can also choose the membership plan! Vanity Trove just recently launched their new membership plans options. You can choose from Classic to Platinum, one of each has its own perks and specialty. Here are the details of the membership plans offered :


Membership fee : RM 50.00
Membership Validity : One month
No. of product choices for each My VanityTrove : 6
Credit rebate per transaction : 0%


Membership fee : RM 150.00
Membership Validity : Three months
No. of product choices for each My VanityTrove : 7
Credit rebate per transaction : 1%


Membership fee : RM 300.00
Membership Validity : Six months
No. of product choices for each My VanityTrove : 8
Credit rebate per transaction : 2%


Membership fee : RM 600.00
Membership Validity : Twelve months
No. of product choices for each My VanityTrove : 8
Credit rebate per transaction : 5%

Extra information :
In your Vanity Trove account page, you will have a 'VanityTab' which shows you how many credits you have in your account. The VanityTab credits can be use to purchase troves, beauty workshops, courses and products. So make sure you collect as many credits as you can so you can rebate in the future!

If you want to know more about these membership plans, click HERE.

If you want to find out more about Vanity Trove, here are their links :
Instagram : @VanityTroveMY

I'm pretty excited about all these new options Vanity Trove has for us. Are you as excited as I am? If you are, click on the links and get started on a whole new experience you can never have with other beauty boxes! 

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