February 24, 2011


I grew up taking up ballet classes and ballet was my life. I loved ballet because my coach loved me. Nahh, I loved ballet because I just love to dance and be all graceful. But the part where my coach loved me is one of the reasons too :p Up until today, I regret quitting. I shouldn't, I know. I made a decision without thinking and I was 12, I didn't know better. My room was full with ballet stuffs. From mattresses, to curtains, to pillows. All were ballet-concept.

I went to SJK(C) Serdang Baru (2) to accompany Mom today for a gymnastic competition. Mom's a teacher, so her task was to bring a student to compete. I have to admit, I miss ballet so much. Watching them point their toes, how they straighten their necks when they walk.. I even thought of taking ballet again! But I know that's impossible because ballet is something you have to start when you were little. So you can get use to the movements and your bones will soften while you were young. There are a lot of differences between ballet and gymnastics but I can't help but to reminisce on the good old days where I have to go to class every Saturday with my body suit, black flair skirt and soft pink ballet flats with a tight bun on top of my head. Those were good memories. I enjoyed it so much that I passed my exams with flying colours! I still remember the last exam I did, I achieved an Honours which was like scoring 10A's in your SPM in ballet world. I was so happy that I turned out to quit the whole thing after that. Doesn't make any sense, isn't? Back then, ballet was not something that is acceptable by the public. Only certain people understands ballet but I was stupid to listen to all the bad things people say when they saw me performed on the school's stage. I did Beauty & Beast which I thought was so nice, Mom choreographed the whole thing and I wore my rainbow tutu. I felt so pretty and graceful but most of the people in school was too retarded to accept my performance. They said ballet is stupid. I was furious but I was a little kid! I would jump from the third floor if someone says that will make me smarter. So I quitted :(

The girls were so cute with the ribbon and everything. And my favourite part was of course, their gorgeous dresses! With all those glitters and the colours were so bright! There were 12 girls competing and only one little girl caught my eyes!!

Her name was Izzah. Mom and I were so obsess with her throughout the competition that we even talked to her Dad. She started ballet at 4 and proceeded with gymnast after. When the results came out, Izzah achieved three golds, technically won the whole competition. She won first place!! Zahir fetched Mom and I up after congratulating Izzah and her Dad.

We had lunch at Serai at Empire. it was our first time and the food was okay. Their Pavlola looked really good, too bad I was too full from eating my Thai fried rice that I couldn't eat desserts. Will make self note to try their Pavlova next time. When we arrived home, Mom and I were like zombies. Okay, fine, mostly me. I was tired and sleepy but the whole day was a good experience. Plus, I got to spend my time with Mom. It's been so long since I've been busy with college. So it was all worth it :)


♥Syamelia♥ said...

u did ballet before?
how sweet..
syg nya u quit..

next tyme, follow yr instinct dear...
furthurmore, if u have support from yr parents..

all the best :D

Ayeen Kadir said...

Yea I did. And I regret it till now tht I quitted. Yes, tu la. If only I wasnt that naive back then.. haha. Thanks Kak Amy! :D

Anonymous said...

their pavlova is the bomb!! u have to try it! better than alexis!

Ayeen Kadir said...

Gosh really?? I'm so gonna try it soon! :D