June 9, 2011

Body Odour

I'm never the type to watch action movies. Fast & Furious what? I grew up obsessing over Lizzie McGuire and Mary-Kate & Ashley, what do you expect? I was all fashion, hair and make up back then. Yes, I'm the girlie girl type. I still am. But I found myself giving the exception when it comes to Marvel action movies (and of course, Transformers too). Well, except Iron Man though. I hate Iron Man. But I love Spiderman, Superman, Batman and all the men there is in the Marvel world. I never missed to watch them!

So before I fly off to New Zealand last couple of weeks, I went to watch X-men : First Class.

You had no idea how excited I was in the cinema. Not once I looked at anything else. Just the screen. My eyes widened during certain amusing parts and I was even more excited when I saw Wolverine for a split second.

I know, I could be a 5 year old boy now. But I couldn't help it, I really enjoyed the movie....

Except the fact that I had to cupped my nose the whole time. I got really upset when a guy in front of me had body odour. He was such a spoiler!

Not to sound mean or anything, but couldn't his friends say something? Give him hints that deodorants are important in life? He smelled like he didn't take his shower that morning and came all the way to the movies running. And his house was probably 10km away. Imagine that kind of smell on a person and imagine you're sitting behind him in the cinema. Even Nina's lotion couldn't kill off his smell. I could have fainted right then and there, but for X-men, I stayed awake.

I loved the movie but everyone in the cinema probably thought otherwise because I watched the movie looking like this :

Yes, the whole 2 hours of the movie.

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