June 14, 2011

A story of a mouse

Whenever Zahir uses his laptop, he always has a mouse attached to his laptop's USB plug in. I have always been curious why do people need a mouse when there's a cursor pad (or whatever they call it) that is provided for every laptop there is, right under the keyboard itself. You can move your cursor from there and it's so much more convenient since you don't have to move your hand so much. It's. Just. Under. The Keyboard. Hello! If you use a mouse, you have to move your right/left (if you're a lefty) to reach the mouse. Yes, because I'm lazy like that. But really, if laptops provide us with facilities, you might as well use it. Laptops are known for it's convenience anyway, where people can't carry their desktops at home in their hand bags or briefcases. So, they buy laptops. Where the only thing you have to carry is the laptop itself and the charger. That's it. So why waste the space of your bag for a mouse, when you can use the space for make-ups for touch ups?

I asked him one day...

Me : Why do you like to use the mouse so much? Why don't you use the cursor pad on the laptop?

Zahir : Because it's easier.

Me : I don't see how it's easier.

Zahir : Because it's easier to click when I play games like Dota.


Oh, so now I get it. It's easier to click when you play games. So you can click on it rapidly, instead of tapping on the cursor pad.

Since then, I always see people with mouses attached to their laptops as gamers. Until one day, I was influenced!!!

I don't know how he did it, but Zahir managed to convince me it's easier to use a mouse. But really, it IS easier!! Okay, maybe you have to move your hand a little to reach for it, but other than that, it's much more comfortable to rest your hand on the mouse by the side of your laptop. You should try it. Especially to those with laptops that are small in size like mine, you should buy yourself a mouse. I hated how I look with the mouse, I felt like I'm a game freak too. Dota and me don't really go well. So, I tried to use the cursor pad again. Guess what??

It didn't feel right! My hand needs a mouse!

But of course, I don't bring the mouse along with me when I bring my laptop outside. That'll be embarrassing. The mouse I have at home is the one with the red light, which is worse!
And since I wasn't a fan of mouses, I don't have a mouse pad at home, hence the ugly cardboard. It may look ugly but it made my cursor move faster!
So, if you see me outside with my laptop, don't ever ask me where's my mouse. Let it be our little secret where the mouse is only my comfort at home. Hehe.

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