June 22, 2011

Head spinning

I'm back from New Zealand!! Well yes, it's been almost a week but I couldn't get myself to blog. When I arrived in Malaysia, I was so jet lagged that I spent most of my days sleeping. I would wake up late at night and by then, all sorts of ideas to blog just went away. 4 hours time difference doesn't sound much and a week doesn't sound that long but trust me. It affected my sleeping schedule when I arrived back here.

When I finally got around to adjust myself to Malaysia's time, Zahir brought me out on a date. To Levain for some macaroons and then to a movie. Everything went perfectly fine until I got back from that date with a flu. I kept sneezing the whole night and now, I've been lying down on this couch for almost two days. All I did was read and watch Gossip Girl marathon or anything that doesn't require me to get up and lift my head. I've been eating Panadols but nothing changed. I would post up a photo of me right now but couldn't get myself to it. I look horrible!

So I guess I will have to postpone my New Zealand post for now. Sorry!

By the way, the first thing I realised when I got back was that my blog stats had hit 10 000! All I can say is thank you to my followers and silent readers! I promise more interesting posts in the near future! Thanks again, you guys!! I appreciate your support! :D

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