June 27, 2011

New Zealand

Finally!! I thought I could skip this post without anyone realising. But my loyal reader a.k.a best friend has been watching my updates in this blog pretty closely and I couldn't get away with not updating about New Zealand. Although I've told her everything, all the stories and showed her all the photos, she won't take no for an answer. She wants all of you to know how great New Zealand is, I guess. Hehe.

The first thing you should know is my family went to NZ together with my aunt's family, so it was a lot more fun because we had our cousins with us! Second, we were all so happy and some of us *hides face* even cried when we saw my eldest brother waiting for us at the airport in New Zealand. He flew from US the day before us and arrived first. The next morning, we got our caravan and frankly speaking, I was disappointed. With that little space we had, I didn't think I could even sleep properly.

But turned out, I could even sleep with my legs and arms spread open and Nina will still have enough space to sleep beside me. Heck, I even ate my supper on that bed!

So actually, when I said 'little space', I didn't mean that little. Sure, it was smaller than my room but given the fact that the whole caravan consists of a toilet, a kitchen, dining table and 3 queen size beds, it was actually amazing. We fit in just fine, the 6 of us. The whole travel experience was a great one, driving 600 plus kilometres in total, spent a day playing snow, went to see real live Kiwi birds, touched real live sheep.. Though it wasn't the trip I always loved (ie. shopping trips), but I really had fun. It was so nice to have a break, away from Malaysia, the Internet and my Blackberry. Seriously, I didn't have a care in the world while I was there. I couldn't bothered to check my Twitter, I didn't even bring my Blackberry everywhere like I do here in Malaysia and I didn't even think about logging in my Facebook. Believe it or not, I loved it. It was so calming and not hectic at all. I was carefree to the extend that I didn't even care about healthy diet any more. Not that I care about healthy diet in Malaysia either, but still.. I ate Doritos almost everyday, I ate cookies like they were rice, I ate fried rice at 2 am and I arrived in Malaysia with brand new love handles. It was worth it, nonetheless.

One of the days, we went on a cruise to Milford Sound. The view was just breath taking.

But then again, the sceneries in New Zealand were always nice, no matter where we went.

Definitely will add New Zealand to my list of favourite places now!

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