October 3, 2011

September Favourites!

Happy October everyone! :)

Here's my favourites in September. Feel free to leave a video response or comment below for your favorites!

Beauty :

- UD Naked Palette
- UD After Glow Glide On Cheek Tint in the shade Fetish
- Color Combos Liquid Eyeliner in black
- Maybelline Eye Studio 2-1 Impact Shadow Liner in Brown
- Topshop Lip Balm in Sheen
- Topshop 3 in 1 Face Wipes
- Benefit moisturize lipstick in Lady's Choice

Non-Beauty :

- Diva rusty gold detailed bangle
- Pink Book Light from Popular Bookstore
- Book : Influence by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
- Apple Macbook Pro
- Song : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYEDA3JcQqw&ob=av2e

Enjoy! xoxo


Anonymous said...

Hey! I like reading your blog :) boleh tk kak ayeen visit my blog? Tk ada byk sgt post pun :/ http://khairunzaini.blogspot.com/ thanks! and btw remember me? syida's cousin :) yg dulu masa korg form 5... hihi. we met at skss canteen! hope kak ayeen ingat lg :)

Ayeen Kadir said...

Hey, yes I remember you. And sorry for not replying earlier. I didn't see your comment. But anyway, I've checked out your blog. Keep up the good work! Nice blog :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeay! she remembered me :) that's okay.. I know u kinda busy women ;) oh and I add u on fb and bbm too! Thank you kak ayeen!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeay! she remembered me :) that's okay. I know you are kind a busy women ;)oh and I add u on fb and bbm :) Thanks kak ayeen!