October 2, 2011

Spring Cleaning!

I can never settle with the same furniture arrangement for long. Back at my old house, I changed the arrangement of my bed, my cabinet, my vanity table and my everything weekly. Yes, weekly. I don't know why, I get bored easily with the same arrangements. I even switched rooms with my brothers for more than 5 times! I always feel good when I'm in a new arrangement because I feel like I have a new room and I always feel better after cleaning up my room. That's my secret pleasure, you guys! At my current house, Dad got me this attached bed and side table, so I can't really re-arrange it, though I'm so tempted to do so. Maybe Dad purposely got me this bed so I can't re-arrange it however I like. Haha. So I've been living with the same arrangement for almost 4 years! That's a record! I'm so proud of myself though I always imagine how it'd be like if my bed is facing the door instead of the window.

Last week, I just couldn't resist anymore. This same arrangement is getting so boring! So I decided to do what I do best. Seeing how I could't effort to move my bed, I decided to just re-arrange my work table, my comfy chair and my vanity corner. And I did everything at midnight on a weekday. I had morning class the next day. The thing about my room is, I don't have enough space to store all of my handbags. I spent hours figuring out how to store them. My sister helped me by throwing in ideas on where to put this and that. I had 3 boxes for my bags but one of them is so huge and I decided to put that away. The problem is, all the bags that were originally in that box had no home!

I ended up storing them in my wardrobe.

When I thought the problem was solved, I turned back and saw a lot of other things on the floor! Oh of course.. I only solved one problem.

Kaftans are the best outfit when it comes to cleaning!
I seriously didn't know where to put all these junks I have in my room.
There were things that I don't really use anymore but I love them too much to put them away.

Like my drawings from when I was 17. I did Arts and went to classes. I love all of my artworks but I didn't know where to put them without making my room messy.

I even re-arranged my clothes color coordinated.

I know, I know. It's so haywire here, even I, myself was annoyed with this sight!

But then again, I completed the whole room at around 2 in the morning and I'm happy about the outcome. Loving the new arrangements :)

However, I don't have any photos of the new arrangements because I was too tired when I finished and forgot to take photos. But anyway, I felt so good after. I was tired, yes. But it was worth the sweat!

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