April 2, 2012

The Scientist by Jorge & Alexa Narvaez

I've been a fan since I first saw one of their first videos singing Home. I've been a subscriber since and I swear every time I saw realitychangers upload a video, I'll leave anything that I'm doing just to watch their videos. Be it vlogs or covers.

The other day, I saw Jorge updated his Twitter saying their new cover will be out on April 1st which means April 2nd here in Malaysia because of the time difference. I've been so excited because I knew from the preview that they were singing The Scientist by Coldplay. One of my favorite songs! So this morning, I woke up, took my shower, skipped breakfast just to watch their new cover. And guess what???
I teared up watching. They both are just so amazing! They can make me smile watching their vlogs and now they can make me cry too. I love how I can really feel the song just by their singing. They're just really amazing, I can't even describe how much I love them. So if you're not already a subscriber, go subscribe! You won't regret, I promise!

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