March 31, 2012

Doing Fara's make up & hair

Fara came by my place and asked for my service. She knows how I love doing make up and hair, so she took advantage of my passion. Hahahahahah nahhh, I willingly agreed to help her out with her hair and make up for an event she's attending tonight.

You need to know that Fara is not the make up type of girl. She always go out with her bare face, some times only a thin line of eyeliner and that's it. I would never have the confidence to do what she does. I mean, yes I'm not the type who wears liquid foundation and eye shadow every time I go out but I have to at least apply something on my face. Like a subtle application of compact powder or a little bit of blusher would do. Never nothing. But Fara looks great without make up on, unlike me, so I think that's why she doesn't really care about wearing any.

So anyway, I convinced her that she needs to try something new. Like something drastic rather than a neutral color make up. I told her that her red outfit will look better with dramatic eye make up and she gave me the green light to do smokey eye on her!

And then I did her hair too. It was just the basic curling thing I always do but somehow her hair looked extremely pretty!!

After make up and hair, she changed into her outfit and voila!

The result was satisfying.
No, not just satisfying. She looked amazing! I didn't know it will turn out this good but yeah, I'm glad she liked the hair and make up too!
Have fun at the event, sweetie <3


Sabrina said...

shes looks stunning! you did a great job!

Ayeen Kadir said...

Thank you Sabrina! :)

Fara A. said...

Ayeeeeen awwwww this post is all about me! awww so sweet.

Thank you babe for making me look pretty on tht night! Now i feel like learning how to make up and do my own hair.

Thanks again for helping me.
I love you forever :)

Sabrina Jasman said...

Wow! it was lovely! beyond lovely dear! :D Wahh your friends know you have the 'talent' to makeup people :D

I'm also a personal 'MUA' for my sister -.-" dalam kereta pun boleh sempat nak makeup2kan. haha anyway, great job! :D

Ayeen Kadir said...

@Fara : No problem, that's what friends are for kan? Hehe Love you too baby girl <3

@Sabrina : Awww thanks! You're too sweet ;) Yeah kan? My sister pun kadang2 dlm kereta la baru nak suruh apply mascara la, lipstick la. Haha but I guess because we both have passion for it, so sbb tu dorg suruh kita. Hehe

Qistina Ayu said...

How did you do the smokey eyes? teach meee

Ayeen Kadir said...

Oh so easy babe! I only used three colors! I'll make a tutorial when I have the time ok? :)