October 6, 2012

I miss dancing

The last time I performed a dance on stage was three years ago. I miss dancing, I miss trainings, I miss learning new routines, I just miss everything about dancing.

Hazim, my dance group leader came up with the idea of just dancing for fun on a weekend. From that one session, we started to go to the dance studio at my house every week whenever we're free. You know, dancing is like an addiction. When you've started, you'll always think it's not enough.

This was the first session we had after 3 years!

Hazim and I have been dancing for fun, creating new routines and just dance our old routines for old time's sake since last month. Sometimes the others came too but there are times when they couldn't make it, so there were just Hazim and I.

We were supposed to perform at our faculty's event the other day but then everyone except Hazim and I backed out at the very last minute because they thought we didn't have much time to train. Which was true. We had only 2 days to learn a whole new routine. Hazim and I wanted to go with it but when the rest backed out, we felt like it would be kind of lame to be on stage, only the two of us. So we backed out too. I was kind of upset because I was getting so excited to perform. It's been 3 long years since I last get up on a stage to dance, of course I was excited to get back on there! I mean, if Hazim and I were to perform that day, I bet we'll mess up pretty bad because we weren't ready at all! We just wanted to get up on the stage and dance. Whether it's a messed up performance or not is a whole different story. Hehe. Hazim said he'll find an event for us to perform though, so let's just hope the whole team can be ready by the next event. If there's any event, InsyaAllah.

 I was trying to do pumping but failed after 2 counts -__-

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