October 15, 2012

I love babies

Babies are fun and cute, I just can't resist. I guess I have always been the motherly type when it comes to babies. I took care and babysat for most of my baby cousins but now all my cousins are growing up. I can't even kiss or hug them without getting weird looks from them anymore because they're big boys now. Every time I tried to kiss my favorite little cousin now, he always avoid me and flat out the word 'no' to me. He never said no to me before!!!

But recently, I've gotten really close with my neighbor that lives in the same building. He has two little sisters and you can say I'm pretty much obsessed with these two little ones. Thank God, they didn't seem to mind playing at my house without their Mom or brother because you know how annoying it gets when cute babies refuse to play with you because they just want to sleep under their Mom's armpits? Hehe. But these girls  have been playing at my house a lot lately and I just can't get enough of them! They're super cute, I'm not even lying.
Like hello, how cute are they?? *dies*

So the other day, one of the girl, Zara, went to a studio for a shooting session for an ad. During lunch, their Mom called me and asked me to come to cheer Baby Zara up because she was tired of taking millions of photos from morning. I straight away grabbed my purse and dashed out the door! 

 Zara getting ready

Baby Zara did really really well even though I could see how tired she was. She tried so hard and did so well, I'm so proud of her. To work the whole day, posing in front of a camera is really hard for a three year old. But Zara was amazing. The pictures turned out great too :) The photo shoot ended at around 9pm, Zara was there since early in the morning. So I can really imagine how exhausted she was that day.

I'm going to kidnap them one day. You just wait.


Sabrina said...

at first i saw these two little cute girls and i say
"they ,make a good model of tv ads!"
as i scroll down! i was right! they already are!
omg! they are freaking cute and beautiful! she is gonna be gorgeous when she grows up!!!

Ayeen Kadir said...

Sabrina : Yes!! They both are beautiful and yes, definitely gonna be gorgeous when they grow :D