November 4, 2012

You left your phone

Yesterday, I was at a mall and I wanted to pee so badly that I had to go the mall's toilet. 


But this time, I was on the verge of peeing my pants. So obviously, I had to go whether I like it or not. I went inside and searched for the cubicle at the end of the toilet because that's where the squatting cubicles usually are. But both cubicles with the squatting pan were occupied that time. So I had to wait. Lucky for me, a lady came out a minute later but too bad the lady didn't flush the toilet, so I automatically made a face when I saw she didn't flush it. Of course, I didn't go in THAT cubicle. I ended up waiting for the other cubicle. The lady gave me a weird look when I smiled at her though. I guess she was offended that I made a face when she came out. But joke's on her because while I was waiting for the other cubicle, I saw a cellphone on the counter top inside the cubicle the lady was in before. Without thinking, I ran out to chase the lady and shouted 'excuse me, mak cik. You left your phone in the toilet'. The lady quickly ran back inside and took her phone. She kept thanking me after that, like, seriously she kept bowing and said thanks a million times. Also, she suddenly 'remembered' to flush the toilet when she took her phone. Maybe she felt bad for giving me 'the look' before. If I was a mean person, I would just let her phone there but I won't do that. Not even after she gave me a weird look. Why? Because I think it's my responsibility to get the phone back to the owner because we shouldn't take other people's things.

This reminded me of my friend who left her Blackberry on the toilet's counter top last year. She came out of the toilet and realized she left it inside a minute later and the phone was gone. Seriously, thieves can be super fast huh? Sigh, why can't everyone be as kind as me? Haha.

On a more serious note, everyone should be more alert of your belongings everywhere you go.

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