December 13, 2008

Take It Easy ,

I ate biscuits with tea for breakfast. Had nothing else to do and felt like blogging. So here I am in front of my laptop. I feel a wee bit dizzy. I don't know its because of my illness or because of what happened. Either way, I hate having a headache. It drives me crazy, everytime ! Oh, as I was transferring photos from my phone to my laptop, I received a text. I checked and my heart beats faster when I saw Zhr's number. He wished me good morning :) 6 more days, babyy ! I can barely wait ! :D
Last night I was so down that I didnt have the mood to blog about anything else. So Im sure all of you know that the whole family and I, including my aunt and cousins, watched Wild Child last night on Dvd. It was my second time as my first was with Zhr at the cinema. I've always been fond of Emma Roberts since her early days in Unfaboulous. And now, I just like her more when I watched her in Wild Child. She is so pretty ! Though I dont think she makes a good rich brat. She doesnt have the rich-heiress-doll-face like Paris Hilton does but an innocent one instead. And seeing how nice she is in Unfaboulous and Nancy Drew, I think the innocent image works a whole lot better on her. But who's complaining ? I mean, its nice to see an innocent actress tries to be a rebel. Its like seeing Lizzie McMcGuire and the 21 year old Hilary Duff at the same time. Anyow, I still think Emma Robert is gorgeous as I think Hilary Duff is.
Awish was crying because his PSP's battery had gone off. Haha now he is lying down on the couch with his mom. I slept with him last night and when I woke up, he said "Tido dengan kakyeen best!" I swooned right there and then. Coming out from the almost three year old cute little kid, I just couldnt help myself :) When Zhr went to Bandung, I didnt think I could even put a fake smile of my face for ten whole days. But now that Awish is here, I smile every single day :) But I still hope the days would go by faster.
Mommy said we're going to Ikea later on after Nina's piano class. But Im not sure if we will really go. I hope so ! :)
Till then, Cheers !

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