December 13, 2008

Zombies are coming to town ,

Didnt go to Ikea like mommy said we would. Went to the Bistro downstairs for lunch and they dont have foods. Can you belive it ? A cafe with no food ? Wow, thats a first. The reason why is that the cook wasnt here. And we asked, why ? Where did the cook go ? The waiter's answer ? 'Dia segan nak masak' with a thick Nepal accent. Segan ? Say whaaa ? -____- So we ended up eating cupcakes and chocolate cake with drinks. I ordered honew dew with milk which was pretty good. 3 slices of chocolate cakes and 3cupcakes to share among nine people. The cake slices were the smallest I've ever seen and the cupcakes taste like plastic. Eww. Okay, I admit I ate chocolate cake which I've promised earlier will avoid. But I ate not because I was sad or stress out. I ate because everyone else was eating. Haha but hey, just half of a cupcake and a quarter of the already small cake. Not that much, I just wanted to know what is taste like. And I regret because they taste alot like cheap flour. After eating, went up and had some mac and cheese mommy made for breakfast this morning. Lied down beside Awish who was sleeping in front of Aishwarya Rai on tv. Felt asleep at 4pm and woken up by Daddy at 6 something. Got up and guess what ? Ate some more. Dinner was served. Seafood fried rice mommy cooked when I was sleeping. I ate in a plate so small that my aunt said 'why so small ?' I said if I eat in a big plate, I will definitely pour awhole lot of rice. So yeah, just to control the quantity. The fried rice was awesome. So deli-freaking-licious ! With crabs, prawns and my favourite squids. Yummyyyy :) Nina ate 4plates ! :O After eating mommy made Ice blended Mocha for me which was sooo tastaayy ! With chocolate powder and chocolate chips on top. I didnt want the chocolate stuffs on top as you know how I broke the promise at lunch today, but it was too late. Mommy had put it on the table for me complete with the chocs. Nevermindd, just a tiny portion wouldnt hurt anyone, right ? After eating our dinner, we all, including my aunt's family went down to the theatre room in the lobby to watch the new dvd we bought the other day. A zombie movie. 28days later, the title. It was kind of similar to I am Legend, but its British and the zombies move so fast. I mean, arent zombies supposed to be very slow ? Okaayy, moving on. There was this part, where the so-called hero in that movie who also played the bad guy in Red Eye, poked the eyes of a guy. Like really deep and that guy was sreaming and blood was coming out everywhere. Ewww I felt like my eyes were about to pop out. There was also this black woman, that looked alot like Rihanna in her video, Disturbia. Lol. Over all, the movie pretty much sucked but the British accent ? Nice :)

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