December 14, 2008

Whatever it is ,

Look at Hilary Duff, she is so pretty. And that killer body ! Ahh why do Hollywood stars always have such nice bodies ?

Watched Shaolin Soccer for the 568423 thousand times with the kids last night. Had to sleep alone at the living room again. When all the lights were off and everyone was in their room, I started to cry over Zhr's texts and photos. Ohmy, after four days of bottling up my tears, I couldnt held it in anymore. So, I cried myself to sleep. Set my alarm at 7am to go swimming with Nina but turned out waking up at 10am instead. So much for exercising in the morning -___- Woke up today feeling a little bit in the blues, but better than last night. Checked my phone, hoping for a morning wish from Zahir. But nadaa. Its okayy, I comfort myself saying he'll text me later. Took my shower and looked for breakfast on the kitchen counter. Found nothing but nasi lemak. Spent several minutes to think whether I should eat that fattening nasi lemak seeing how I ate TOO much yesterday. Decided not to increase the fats I've probably stuffed in me yesterday, I treat myself with French Toast with peanut butter just like the one I ate the other day at Uncle John's Kopitiam. I cooked two pieces of French Toast for myself and ate with pancake syrup. Received a text from Zhr. Oh wait, not just one, but two texts ! :D

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