December 15, 2008

Dunderhead. Who ?

So, ended up watching Wild Child, AGAIN. For the third time within two weeks. I wanted to watched Material Girls but Abang's home, finally. And he wanted to watch Wild Child. Abang is now okay. Kind of. He's slowly turning back into his old self. Thank God :) I miss him ! After watching, I went straight into my room at around 2am. When I was about to close my eyes, my whole family came in my room and talked. We chatted till everyone was sleepy.

Woke up at 10am this morning, took my shower in my parents' bathroom because my toilet's pipe is broken, and had breakfast of my opah's cucur. The bestttt :D After eating, thought about blogging but daddy was using my laptop since I left it on the dining table last night. Mommy said she's going KL with daddy and my brother. I asked can I go too ? And get ready. I changed 3 times as I was not satisfied with what I was wearing. Though we're just going to settle up my brother's MARA's thingy in KL. I decided to wear my new dress that my aunt bought for me. Arrived at the MARA building, while mommy and daddy were settling some stuffs, the siblings and I went searching for drinks. Found the most descent shop there, which was not really clean, bought drinks and couple of snacks. Searched for any stairs so we could sit and eat. After awhile, daddy called Abang's phone to meet up at the same place we split up earlier. Daddy drove us to a restaurant in Kelana Jaya that we always go. I ordered Yong Tau Foo, and ate some of Abang's fried Kuey teow. I stopped eating when I felt like my stomach was bloated. Oh wow, so much for keeping in shape huh ? -___- Dropped by Summit to fulfill Irfan's dream. He smiled all the way when he got himself a Playstation 3. I asked him for his old Playstation2 so I can put in my room. He said yes. Cool ! :) Arrived home around 7pm and took a shower. Pretty boring day, huh ? I think so too..

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