December 16, 2008

I love you, Family

Watched Material Girls today. Watching Hilary Duff makes me eager to be skinnier. She was fat and now look at her. So friggin' hot ! I think Hilary Duff is the prettiest :) Spent pretty much the whole day playing Harvest Moon on Playstation2. Abang's not coming home tonight till Thursday, like usual. I browse the internet for Hilary Duff's diet secrets and she said she does pilates and does cardio at the gym every week. She jogs on the treadmill. She eats well and I am now following her diet. So, I went to the gym and jog for half an hour and went swimming for another half an hour. I really hope I could keep up with her diet and be satisfied with my body for once.

I am feeling SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lonely compared to before. My bestfriend and all my schoolmates are now dancing the night away on the hard wood floor in the Victorian Ballroom without me and my own boyfriend is so far away. On top of that, my credit had run out days before. That means, no texting Mr Boyfriend. I'm stuck at home alone with only my tv, a totally lame playstation and a laptop. I have no freaking life. I'm starting to think that I'm soo lame right now. My life is dull, no friends, no boyfriend. Dvds at home every single day. Oh good lord, please give me some fun. I dont just want fun right now, I NEED FUN. All I do on daily basis ;
  • Breakfast
  • online
  • play playstation
  • watch dvd
  • late lunch
  • read dictionary
  • play some more of playstation
  • online AGAIN
  • Swimming and gym
  • dinner
  • online some more and more and more
  • watch a freaking dvd AGAIN and AGAIN -____-

See how pathetic I've become since my boyfriend's not here and my best friend is not keeping in touch with me ? Haha well, despite the loneliness, I think a part of me likes to spend everyday alone and with my family, watching movies, read and just sit and talk :) After all, every time I screw up, my family is the one I can count on. I'm really close with Mom but now I think we're getting closer. She asked how Zahir's doing there in Jakarta everyday. Its nice to know she is concerned about him. She said she doesnt worry much with Zhr being my boyfriend because she had known him for a long time. Awww :) I love you Mom! Okay, my life might seem really dull right now but I have the greatest people in my life. A lovely family, sweetest boyfriend and a best friend. I could never ask for more :)

Oh they're watching Resident Evil on Dvd right now. I might as well join them. Till then, Night lovelies :)

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