December 23, 2008

Not the right time ,

Its been what ? 4 days since my last post ? Yeah. Been busy. Seeing how my lovely boyfriend is back from his holiday, I've been out alot. On the 20th, Zhr, Fara, Vino and me went to Bandar Kinrara to take our Undang test. We arrived at 11am and waited for million hours ! We did our computerized test at 6pm. I had a fight with Zahir there. We didnt talk the whole time. When it was my turn to go in the examination room, I was so nervous that I shivered. My hands started to sweat. With the my situation with Zahir, I was scared that I will completely black out while doing the test. We have to nail 42 and above over 50 question within an hour. That means we cant have more than 8 wrongs. Ohmygod, that sounds really hard. I passed the test, luckily. I nailed 47 questions which was pretty shocking. I mean, yes I did studied alot for the past couple of days but I was so scared ! I thought I totally blew it. Ohmyy, I thanked God as soon as I received my result slip. All of us passed except for Vino. Fara and Zahir both got 42 and 43 :) But Vino got 39, which kind of up setting seeing how he now has to repeat the test this Wednesday alone. Oh well, good luck buddy :)

The next day, we met at Pyramid and watched Yes Man, HILARIOUS ! Jim Carrey is the best ! Haha. Managed to buy the gladiator I dreamt of for such a long time. I saw Fara wearing it the day before and decided to buy it on Sunday with Zahir. When we stepped into Vincci, two gladiators caught my eyes. One was red and the other was blue and black. I tried on both of them for like, million times, and after asking Zhr which one looks better on me for the 6988365 million times, I decide to buy the blue and black because that was the one I was craving for from the first I laid eyes on it. So yeah. Called daddy to pick us up at around 6something pm, since mommy's not here. She went to Melaka for her college reunion.

I'm so tired tat I cant think of anything else to say. So I might as well go get some rest. Goodnight guys

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