December 23, 2008

My legs are screaming. Well, sort of

So, I woke up today. Showered and found nothing on the kitchen counter for breakfast. Milk had run out so I cant have cereal either. Mommy was in her room with her college friend who was sleeping over since Daddy's not home. Had brunch at Parade. Uncle Lim's. I ate mushroom mee. Not really nice but the whole meal toast was like ohmygoshh, delicioussss ! Window shopped later on. Met Nayim at Parkson. I didnt know he works there. He said hey. Went to Toys R Us to buy Christmas presents for my neighbour's Christmas party tomorrow night. I planned to wear the santa hat I have to the party. But then Zahir invited me to his friends' barbeque tomorrow night. Of course I'll go with him to the barbeque instead of the Christmas party. Duhhh ! Haha. Oh, after I asked mommy and she said I could go to the barbeque, I told Zhr I cant go. Just to see his reaction, lol. Then, he called mommy to convince mommy for me. Hahaha mommy laughed at him. Sorry bb ;p So at around 7pm, we went back and my feet hurt like sooo much.

You know, I really am happy that Zahir invited me to the barbeque. He never invited me to any of his friends' party or anything with his friends. I felt like as if he's embarass of me in front of his circle of friends. I dont know if he is, but he said he's not. After waiting for so long, to see if he would EVER going to invite me to any occasion with his friends or like, go out with his friends. And now he's inviting me to this barbeque, I was shocked, yes. And really happy to know that he's not embarass of me. Yeahh, I sound so insecure, I know. Haha Oh well, thats me I guess.

Im like reallyyy tired so I guess, I'll get some sleep now. Toodles

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