December 11, 2008

Thousand Miles Away ,

I didn't have the energy to update a post last night because I was sick. A fever, flu, cough, body sores and sore throat. I don't even have the energy to get up from the couch yesterday. So I pretty much just lie down on the couch. Didn't even have the appetite to eat anything.

Woke up around 9.30am today feeling a lot better than yesterday. Zahir bought an Indonesia's simcard and his number is like so long. 12numbers ! :O He told me that Indonesians say 'pulsa' instead of credit. How cute is that ? :) Been texting Zhr which costing me 20cent per text compared to the usual 1cent per text. But anyway, who's complaining ? I don't mind as long as I know what he's doing and how is he doing there. So yeah, been texting him these past couple of days which I have to topup like two times a day. And now I'm broke, so all I could do is wait for 7days. Sigh. Went to Summit to eat Sushi King today. Oh and I planned to watch a movie at Pyramid with my cousin, Mamat. But I had to disappoint him by cancelling at the very last minute because I was ill. And still am. I hope I'll be okay soon. Last night daddy was like, 'you're sick because Zahir's so far away, obviously.' Lol. Daddy knows me too well, I suppose :)

PS; Im counting the days till our next anniv on 18th, ALONE :( and the 19th, the day you'll be back. I cant wait for both :)

8 more miserable days !

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