December 8, 2008

Forget me not

Today just passed by a blur. Didn't do much other than eat and sleep. Woke up at 9 like usual, got up from my parents' bed since my aunt and uncle slept in my room last night. Took a shower and ate breakfast. Lazed around at the living room with Awish and my other cousins. Fell asleep at noon. Went swimming pretty late. Brought Awish, Ika and the boys to the pool. I had to take care of Awish at the baby's pool. The water doesnt even come up to my knees -___- Went up at around 7, met an Indonesian guy, Airasia's steward or pilot, I'm not sure. But he's very fair. He stays on the 15th floor and we got around to talk. He talked first, asking are all the kids my siblings ? And I was like, no they're my cousins and he asked whether I'm still in school and bla bla bla. Let me tell you, his accent ! Me likey, its cute (: Oh and talking to him made me realise how Zhr's going to Indonesia tomorrow ! Sigghhh !

Spent pretty much the whole day babysitting Darwisy. Changing his diapers, making his milk, showering him, made him sleep, entertaining him, run here and there to keep him safe. I feel like a mom now. Lol. Its a good thing he's adorable, you know :)

Oh well, gotta jet. Cheers ! :)

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