May 20, 2009

Push and push

The title has a lot to do with the movie I watched today. Abang invited me to go for a movie with him, Johan and Hafez. Went to Taipan to settle my bank stuffs with Mommy before heading to Summit. Had lunch of a set of fillet o fish while waiting for the boys to come. I managed to buy a red button down shirt from Reject Shop. But the brand is FCUK, so it didn't really matter where did I get it from. Haha. Bought myself a zebra printed blanket for Uni next Monday. Gasp, 4 days left. Sigh. Watched Push at 1700, sat between Abang and Johan, while enjoying the movie. I really like the movie. My favourite character in Push would be Dakota Fanning, for sure. She just looked like a bad ass 13 year old kid. Im really fond of her right now. I like her style, with her micro miniskirt, knee high combat boots, pink highlighted hair and a black bad ass jacket. She looked pretty :] After 2hours of the movie, we went to the carpark feeling content. All of us except one. Hafez said he didnt really enjoy the movie. Why, I have no idea. As for Johan, it was his second time watching it, so that explains how much he enjoyed the movie, ey ? Johan paid for my movie ticket, which was really sweet of him to do so. Thanks Johan ! :D We sent Hafez all the way in Bukit Jelutong and I was half asleep before we arrived at Johan's. Sent him off in Usj3, and headed home. Showered as soon as I was home. Had dinner of mee hailam that Mommy cooked. Spent the next hours until now, learning French, googling facts about the worlds news, general knowledges about the Cabinets in Malaysia and practising how to speak and introduce myself for the interview. As the result, Im having sore throat. SIGH.

Zhr's coming with me and Mommy to Shah Alam tomorrow. Im going for a medical checkup for my Uni. Daddy will be home tomorrow from Sabah. Planning to go out with Zhr this Saturday.

I want to redeem my RM50 voucher from Forever21 that Zhr gave me along with the Oxford. I want my sore throat to heal so I can talk and practise more. I cant wait to finish Eclipse. Im now broke. Im now panicking over the interview thing. Im annoyed by car and road lights at night. I want to watch Push again. Im now finding a place to go where I can wear my Oxford. Im now freaking out on how little time is left for me before going to Uni. I really hope I will get in the French program. I WANT MY LICENSE, DESMONT(!!!), I want an iPod, I want a pair of bradshaw, I trust my boyfriend so Im not worried about him going to KLIUC, I miss Wie, I want to see Mamat, I cant wait for Transformers2 and HP and the half blood prince to be in cinemas, I miss Futsal(SO MUCH), Im now waiting for my boyfriend to call, I am not going to fall for my dream last night and I AM MISSING MY BOYFRIEND SO MUCH THAT IT HURTS. Patience, I will see him tomorrow, wont I ? Yes, I will :)

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