July 25, 2009

Funny thing,

Its been a really long time. I was really busy this past couple of weeks with those piling up assignments, tutorials and dance. So I had no time to even press the ON button on my laptop. So many things happened but of course, I wont be typing it all here because I doubt I can type THAT long. But anyway, funny thing just happened. Since its been a long time I didnt blog, I forgot my password and spent almost an hour to track my password back down which fortunately I remembered out of the sudden. Of course, my palm automatically moved to smack myself on the forehead. Oh well, today is Saturday and Im home for a week as my mid semester break is finally here ! Well, well, dont get too excited. Despite the one week holiday, I have to finish off my assignments and tutorials. And not to mention, I have alot of studying to do since my mid sem exams are running towards me with full speed. I'm scared, no doubt about that since I have zero knowledge in Trig and Chemistry. I have to find someone to help me, ASAP ! So, enough with the studies and assignments. Today, I went out with the parents and all I can say is, today is another productive day. Its been awhile I didnt feel so productive but after getting those dresses and shoes, I feel so.. satisfied. I havent been shopping for so long and I missed the smell of new clothes.

Last Sunday was my Uni's Senior Junior Interaction Week closing night and the seniors asked us to perform the exact same dance we did at Faculty the other night. So we did, and this time, it was even better as the lightings were awesome and the sound system can really make you stand on your feet and shake your bootaayy. But some people, just dont get it and have the nerve to talk trash about our dance being so sexy and seductive. You should know by now how their appearances are. But hey, who cares ? If they dont like it, then why did they continued watching us on stage ? Ironic, isnt it ? Well, the audience who like our dancing screamed even louder when we started to dance to MJ's Billy Jean. I was so happy that our dance went so well that I think I slept with my lips pulled up to my ears :)

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