July 6, 2009

I have no idea

I'm left behind so far in Chemistry. So, Uni has been so great lately. Though it took a lot of my time, but I still enjoy it. With classes to attend in the mornings, dance practises at nights, having splendid friends here. All seems so nice. Zahir is also changing back to his oldself, slowly. I think its safe for me to say that my life is now in a good state. Though of course, I havent seen my bestfriend for like so freaking long that Im starting to miss her to death and am about to face withdrawals. Ahh I miss you, Fara ! :(

So last week I had to go back home in Subang on Saturday instead of the usual Fridays. Its because I had class on Saturday. Graphic Communication is one of my favourite subject. Yes, I was grumpy at first when I knew I had to attend extra class on a Saturday morning. But of course, sketching and drawing and doodling are my sort of things. So I cheer up instantly. Haha. My girls and I have to walk all the way to Rimba Ilmu, a place that we were supposed to go. It was kind of like a forest, so we were taught about trees and flowers and animals and stuffs like that. I may had three or maybe more red spots on my arms and neck because of the mosquito-bites but I really enjoyed the class. After we were guided through the forest full of impressively massive trees and unique flowers, we were brought to a big room to sketch what we saw. I started right away and produce three pages of animals and plants sketching :] After the class, we were all sweating like big fat pigs, we waited for Ika's boyfriend, Hisyam to fetch us all up.

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