June 23, 2009

Bad luck it is

Came back last night all the way from UM just to go waste my time at Gombak. I should explain. Well, this morning I had to wake up early and go to Soka Driving Agency in ss19. Roger and Desmond brought me and the others to APMBE in Gombak. To cut things short, I passed my first round. Acing all three sections. But the bad news is that I failed on the road. I am completely devastated and refused to accept the fact that JPJ failed me on the spot because I was driving too slow. Come on man, Im just a beginner. So why the H do you want me to drive like a mad girl ? Please. Sigh

Arrived home feeling extra super exhausted. Talked with mommy for a bit and showered. Ate mommy's freakishly delicious fried rice. And ate durian. Sure, every taste of it was like heaven but when I've washed my hands for a million times but the smell is still there, I started to regret it. Ahhh durian is the best ever. Thats why they call them king of fruits, maybe ?

I want to type a longer post but sadly I have to go now because its almost 8pm, and I have to get ready to go back to college.

Oh, going for a movie with loverboy this Thursday. Transformers, okay. Be jealous ;]

I'll post about everything later if I have the time to online at college. Au revoir !

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