July 29, 2009

Lets shake it

Ika came over on Sunday and she slept over my house for a couple of days and it was hella fun ! I did my hair on Sunday and we met up at the salon. And went to shop later on. I managed to get a low price Forever21 top and its so irresistible that Ika bought the same top too. We bought the same baju kurung for Uni too. After aching our legs, we went to Uncle John's for dinner and went straight home. Ika and I spent our night with laughter, pillow talk, dvds, supper until 6 in the morning and we decided that we were tired. We woke up at 1330 the next afternoon and got up to get ready for our next shopping spree. Nahh, it wasnt a shopping spree, but it was fun too. We went to Mydin to shop for groceries for Uni and managed to get alot of things for our room since we are room mates in Uni. Before the shopping began, we went to KFC to eat and hell, we ate like we havent eaten for a month ! After bloating our already bloated stomachs, we went in Mydin. We bought a red rug, a couple of red bed sheets, and everything for our room. We spent almost RM300 but we were satisfied and left with a big smile on our faces. We waited for Abang at Mydin's food court that night and went home. Ika was supposed to go home that night but her dad said she can stay another night. We didnt want to miss the chance, so she spent another night here. We slept earlier than the day before but that was because we have to tail mommy to her school the next morning.

We woke up on Tuesday morning at 6. With our eyes closed, we dragged ourselves to the toilet to shower. After putting on our sweatpants, we went to SKSS. We ate breakfast at the SKKS's canteen and went straight to the pre school building. The reason we went to the school is to train the little kids dance. A traditional dance to be specific. Ika and I had a lot of fun with the cute little kids, seriously. They were all so clever and know how to talk like an adult. At 12 in the afternoon, Ika and I went up to mommy's library to wait for mommy. Ika found a congkak and asked me to play with her. But I lost ! Haha. We then took the cushions on the sofa and lay them down and we slept. Mommy woke us at around 1430 and we went to Taipan for lunch. McDonald's was our choice. Arrived home, I rushed to the toilet and showered. And got ready to meet up with Zhr. Ika was left at home with Mommy and Ipan and they were watching a dvd together when I was on my way out. I kissed Ika, mommy and Ipan good bye and went down to see Zahir.

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