December 8, 2009

Half way through

Why oh why are you so beautiful?

I woke up today by the sound blasting through my ears. I flinched, and quickly grabbed my red cell. Thinking it was still early like 5 in the morning, I pressed the green button without checking the caller ID. Zahir called to wake me up as it was already 730. I didnt believe him at first, saying it was only 4 or 5 in the morning. But when I took a peek at my opened door balcony, sun was starting to rise. So I showered and got ready. Noor drove from home and brought me to class. Law was okay. IT on the other hand, was really boring as we learnt about how to use Microsoft Words. Okay, personally, I think even a 5 year old kid knows how to use it. So, I did my assignment for like 5minutes and I was done. I was on facebook the whole class. After class, I accompanied Noor to a petrol station nearby to fill air in her tires. Went back college and now here I am. Im feeling so sleepy right now. But I cant sleep as its already 1330 and my class is at 1400. Sigh, how terribly lazy I am right now. I wish I can just close my eyes and doze off. Management class is next and thank God, management isnt boring. If its Construction, Im sure I'll be sleeping throughout the whole class :p

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