December 8, 2009

Of strains and aches

Just finished dance practice. We spent like, an hour to wait for Hazim as he was in an accident. And I was feeling so freaking tired and exhausted throughout the whole dance. Hazim just thought us a new dance, My Love. I was pretty excited about it but I wasnt just now. I was too tired to even care if I did the steps right. But just to be nice to Hazim, as he had always been nice to all of us, I tried my best to keep a smile on my face. The dance practically continued until midnight. And boy, wasnt I knackered! I went up to the room alone as Ika was going somewhere with Betik after the dance and Noor, like usual. Back at home every chance she got. I showered alone, trying to be done as fast as I can.

Oh, seeing I was too tired to think or even focus on something, when I was dancing at Gazebo, I saw lover everywhere. Seriously, like everywhere. Guess I was very very tired or maybe I miss him too much. I dont know. After showering, I had to wait for lover as he was playing futsal with his group of friends. Though my body was so tempted to the bed and my eyes were about to give up, I forced myself to stay awake for lover. Because I dont want him to get mad when he knows I didnt wait for him or something. He called and all I hear was his friends' voices, screaming here and there. Gave me serious headache, I kid you not. Everything is getting on my last nerve when Im this tired. Sigh. I'll have to sleep it off, I guess. But wait, I'll have to wait for him, still. Okay, Im waiting now

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