December 7, 2009

My heart will tumble

So classes today were kind of boring. Except for English and Accounts. I arrived in class today alone. And late. The front row was full, so I had to dragged myself to the back of the class and sat there. I saw Noor at the back row too, so I flashed a grin. I sat alone today. I didnt mind, because we were all busy jotting down notes anyway. So I dont see the point on being choosy with whom should I sit with. I sat blankly while my Physics lecturer blabbed something about optics. My mind flew all the way to Bangi. You know why. To all you dunderheads who dont know why Bangi, its where KLIUC, lover's college is located. When Probability came, my mind flew to everywhere else in the world except in class. I took down notes regardless. So, though my mind wasnt in class, later own the notes will be useful when exams are coming. After that was accounts. Now, this was the time I flew back in class. My mind was very focus on accounting. Perhaps because I already did accounts last year and I felt excited when I got the answers to the lecturer's questions. Haha. After class, Noor and I walked to Pekan Buku which is kind of far to walk. We had to because we had been delaying our trip there since the first week we were here for second semester. Our walk under the blazing sun wasnt worth it when all the books we were planning to buy were out of stock. Can you believe it? I cant. So just to make all the sweat worth and the strain on our legs heal, we bought pens and notepads. Just for the sake of the sweat that were running down our back, between our cleavages, on our foreheads. We walked back to college and it wasnt any better as the sun was starting to really climb up on top of our heads. By the time we reached college, our sweat was like waterfall running down our bodies. I swear to God, we were sweating as if we just showered with our own sweat. We chilled out in the room for awhile and had to get our asses to our next classes. The time passed by a blur. I told you so.

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