November 22, 2009


So, Im not going back to college tonight as Hazim cancelled our dance. So, I have to do my tutorial in rush tomorrow. Awish just went back. And Im missing him already. Talking about miss, I miss lover so bad. I havent really spend a day without him. I didnt get to see him today. Explains the withdrawals Im having. I need you, boyfriend. Sigh. I produced sweat today! Which is a total good news as I was eating like mad these past days. I learnt the steps I watched on Youtube. And boy, wasnt it hard! But it was all worth it when I finally got the steps. Not as sharp as the dancers but Im still trying. Still not in the mood to blog. That explains all the short posts I posted these past few days. Sorry! I'll post a long one when Im in the mood okay.

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