November 21, 2009

Moment of Truth

I was lazing around with Noor in my room at college when Ika called saying our results were out. I didnt want to go because I was too scared. I knew my result would be so bad that I would cry. So Noor and I slipped into our baju kurung(s) and headed to the old lecturers' building. When Dr. Zahara handed me my slip, I felt like my heart is about to burst out from my chest. I survived the almost heart attack and teared up the ends of my slip to open it. First thing I saw was of course, like I expected, I flunked both my math and physics+chemistry. But I did get an A- for my environmental studies which was a shocker as I didnt expect it due to my break down about my grandma on that particular day. However, I was shocked, so shocked that I even thought I might have been swallowed by the ground when I saw my Microeconomics is B+. I did so well that I expected an A- at least. Sigh. What more when I saw my CGPA which was awful. Despite that, I didnt cry. Because to be frank, I was half disappointed but a part of me was relieved as I did better than my midterm. But still. After taking our results, we returned to our room and wasted the remaining time in our room, lazing around. At 1500, we got ready as we had this talk I said earlier. It wasnt even that important, and it ended earlier that it supposed to be. Right after class, I asked Zahir to come and fetch me up. I went to Dewan Gemilang after that and met up with Isabella for the modern indian dance. Im joining and good news!Noor might too. Lets just hope she'll join :) Lover arrived later and Noor and I were rushing. Lover brought me to dinner at Dominos just now. I ate alot! And now Im happy. But dont remind me of that little slip of mine that I kept safely in my bag. Ugh

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