June 26, 2012

Teh Tarik Place

Went out with Mom today, just the two of us. Had tea-cum-early dinner at Teh Tarik Place. Mom told me to choose the restaurant but at that time I was so famished that I didn't really care. So I asked her to decide. She wanted to try the Teh Tarik Place. Not because she wanted to try the food or the teh tarik

She just wants this :

She spun around and around on this thing while I ate. She didn't even finish her roti telur because she was having too much fun on that thing. 

Sometimes I wonder who's the mother and who's the daughter...


BeautyBlogger said...

I love your blog sooo much!

Ayeen Kadir said...

Aww you're so sweet! Thanks! And I always read yours too <3