June 25, 2012

Splendid weekend

Zahir and I went on a date on Saturday. It's been so long! With him working and my final exams, we barely see each other anymore. But last weekend, we went on a typical date. A movie, lunch and window shopping. 

Felt so great to finally go out without worrying about anything like old times. Watched Snow White and the Huntsman, which was okay. Not really a 'wow' movie though. By the way, I had a really tough time not buying anything because everything was on sale. Seriously, when I looked on my left, sale. When I looked to the right, sale. I stared right ahead also sale, sale and sale. Sigh..

I wanted to go home because I was afraid I might burst but Zahir insisted us to go window shopping.
So I said to him :

"Did you not see my 'about me' on Instagram?"

"Yes I know"

"What did it say?"

"Chronic shopaholic."

"So, how can you ask me to go window shopping when there are sales everywhere and I need to save!"

"We can just go and look at the stuff, not buy them."

Sigh. Men will never understand, won't they?

Call me dramatic, but I really hate to be in a mall when I'm broke or when I vowed to save money because that means I can't buy anything. What's the point on looking around?? What more when there's sale going on in all of my favourite stores?

I only lasted a few minutes in Forever 21. Then I couldn't stand not buying anything. Instead of calling my Dad to ask for a permission to use the credit card like always, I toughen up and said to Zahir, "let's go home." Zahir's face was so shocked. He asked me weren't there anything I like. I was sad but at the same time, I was kind of proud to actually fight back the urge to buy anything. Even if it's a pair of RM15 earrings. 

What I wore that day :
Jeans : Forever 21
Belt : Came with a skirt that I bought
Necklace : Forever 21
Shoes : Charlotte Russe 

That night, my family and I slept over my cousin's house. It was my first time visiting her and her husband at their new place. 

Her walk in wardrobe is just... amazing. 

My most favourite part of the wardrobe :

After I walked out from the wardrobe, I straight away hugged Dad and smiled to my ears. Dad knows me too well and said, "I know you want a wardrobe like that." Haha. Am I that predictable??

Oh and by the way, all the "I'm proud of myself for not buying anything" thing just went down the drain because I just ordered a pair of heels online. Way to go, Ayeen. Well, at least Mom supported me, saying the heels are pretty and I should order it. 

Oh, Mom is a shopaholic too. I guess it runs in the family? 

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