June 22, 2012

Genting Highlands

In the midst of my busyness of assignments and presentations, I managed to get away with a fun-filled weekend with my family, Zahir and close friends on May 19th. My parents were going to Genting for a Kenny G concert and Dad suggested my sister and I tag along. But of course, Zahir was in charge of the driving because I'm a coward. I can't even drive to KL myself, let alone to Genting. I decided to drag Kak Fiza and Fara along, just because I knew it's going to be fun with them. Kak Fiza brought her boyfriend along and off we went to Genting Highlands. 

I've been to Genting so many times in my life but none of them is with Zahir or any previous boyfriends. While my friends have been up there with their friends and boyfriends/girlfriends, my parents have always been the protective and strict types when it comes to traveling or road trips or whatever without their supervision. Not that I'm complaining, I never really care or mind about it. But of course I was excited to go for rides with Zahir for the first time! Hehe.

When we first got there, it was raining heavily, we couldn't even see the streets. But we remained calm and had lunch till the sun came up again! If you must know, I'm afraid of heights. Like, really super afraid of heights. Once I went up on a cable car in New Zealand and everyone was so calm and amazed by the surroundings and me? I cried and sobbed all the way. So I've never been into rides and stuff. That's why I'm still trying to figure out why I agreed on riding on the Spiderman ride (forgot what it's called). Basically you have to put yourself in a cubicle thing and the thing will rotate your body, as if you're flying. The whole ride, let me tell you, I kept my eyes close and still, never felt so scared in my whole entire life. I lost my voice because I screamed too much on that ride. I still think Fara or Zahir put something in my drink during lunch because I know I would never ever agree to that. 

But anyway, I had so much fun with all of them. The weather was kind of on and off but I didn't care. I had a wonderful time and heck, I rode on a ride I never thought I would! That's something I should be proud of, right? 

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