June 21, 2012

My sister is 17!

This is so long ago, I can barely remember but my sister turned 17 on May 13th. I was busy with assignments and presentations that week but I managed to pull a surprise for her. And a little surprise too for Mom for Mother's Day. Seeing that Mother's Day fell on the same day as the birthday, I needed to keep this whole thing a secret from both of them, therefore I couldn't ask for anyone's help except for Zahir and my Dad. But basically I ran here and there to make reservations, ordered the cakes, the balloons and everything. I was exhausted, yes but seeing their faces on that day just made everything worth it. Every penny spent and every inch of sweat were worth it. 

So the theme that night was pink and purple and I decided that Kokopelli was the place. Everything went great until the owner of Kokopelli called me out of the room we rented. The owner was so friendly every time we were there to eat. He always comes by our table and asks about the food and everything but that night, he really changed my perception towards him and his business all together. Seriously, he must know by now that my family and I, we always go to Kokopelli for dinner. But not anymore. Because of his rudeness that night, everything changed. 

You know when you plan a party at a restaurant and when you have cake, you have to ask for the restaurant for extra plates? Well, I didn't want to burden them, so I brought my own paper plates. Because I didn't want to burden them. But all I got was rudeness spitted out from the owner's mouth.  I lost all respect towards him and his restaurant and never went back to dine there since then. He said that I was 'taking advantage' of his business and that he thinks Malaysians always take advantage of other people's business. Only because I brought my own plates. Okay, maybe I was wrong, but how would I know about their policies because if I were to make the party at other restaurants, they might even thanked me for not burdening them to wash extra plates, right? And it wasn't like I did it on purpose, if I knew, I wouldn't bring the plates in the first place. Anyway, he should have talked to me in a more polite way, then maybe I could still have some respect for him. I know I'm way younger than him but that doesn't give him the right to talk to me the way he did. I'm allergic to rude people okay...  but I remained calm that night because I didn't want to ruin my sister's and my mom's night. Frankly speaking, I was never the 'customers are always right' type of person and I'm still not the person who lives by that saying because to me, if the customer's wrong, then they're wrong. It's not necessarily the sales person's fault. But this time, I really think the owner should learn about politeness.  

Okay enough with the complains about the owner. Despite everything, the food was great and we had a really great time. But one thing for sure, we will  never ever dine at Kokopelli again after this. 


Sabrina Jasman said...

oh man. really? lets just assume the owner is having a bad ass day

Ayeen Kadir said...

Yea I was surprised too myself because he's usually friendly. Maybe it was the crowd that day that ticked him off. Hehe

Sabrina said...

wow! really loving the theme!

Ayeen Kadir said...

Thank you Sabrina! :)