November 19, 2009

Running nose

To add a cherry to the cupcake, not just the fact that I didnt get into design group had making me grumpy since the last 24hours. This nose had been a pain in the ass too, I tell you. Feel like taking a knife and cut it off my face. Its so irritating. I cant even breathe while I sleep. Ugh. I went to sleep last night breathing through my mouth which is so not comfortable. I woke up today by the vibration of my red LG under my pillow. Thought it was lover, I quickly ran my hands under my pillow searching for the phone. It was actually mommy calling and asked me to cook Cabonara for breakfast. After hanging up, I straight away call lover to wake him up. After hanging up, I woke Nina up and asked hr whether she's still up for the McDonald's invite. You see, last night when I got home from college, Nina asked me to go to McDonald's for supper. But I wasnt in the mood to eat, so I said no.But today, I feel like eating. Im not really famish, but hungry, definitely. I didnt eat dinner last night. So, fillet o fish, here I come.

I received a text from one of the dancers in my college, but not in my group. Isabella asked me whether Im interested in a modern Indian dance to perform. I told her Im not sure, feeling guilty to let her down without thinking about it. So I think Im going to consider it. We practised our new dance last night and it was awe-freaking-some, I kid you not. Its one of the MJ song, and the dance moves are so fast that you can see how awesome it is when we all do it in synchronization. I cant wait for the performance, its going to be insane!

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