December 19, 2009

Of goodbye(s) and hello(s)

Yesterday was our 21st anniversary! Its been a year and 9months and still counting :)

Lover fetched me up on Thursday at college and we stopped by McDonald's for late lunch as Mommy was down with a fever so couldnt cook for us. After fulling our stomachs with all the burgers, fries and ice cream, we went back to my place to spend some more time together. We managed to watched The Beatles' DVD live in Japan that I bought last week but never got around to watch it. That DVD was awesome, I kid you not. All the four of them were so adorable that I wish all of them are still alive. Especially Lovely Lennon. Its so sad how he died in front of the Dakota, out of nowhere, just like that. Anywho, they were all such charming young men, performing on the cheap looking stage as the set ups were all from 1964. Oh and the fact that I found out that George Harrison looked alot like Johan! Seriously, they look so much alike. After the 'oohh(s)' and 'aahhh(s)' from drooling over Lennon, I took out my Law and Probability books and started to write notes. I managed to get my head around a thing or two. Since lover didnt know what to do while I was studying, he lied down and started to look so bored. He said he was hungry and asked me to cook cabonara for him. I was so lazy at first but seeing how he was so starving, I got up and steamed the fetuccini. I cooked fetuccini cabonara with extra cheese. Thank God it turned out just fine. After eating, lover had to go home. He went back at around 2300. After lover went back, Daddy just got home from Sabah. He brought Hershey Kisses for us to munch. I passed on the chocolate as it was almost midnight and I was too lazy to brush my teeth again. But the day after, which was yesterday, I ate like its nobody's business. Johan, Hafezz, Hadi and Imran came to our place to hang. And they're still here today.

Tomorrow is Abang's pre-big day. The event for Abang's getaway is to be held tomorrow and I cant believe that he's leaving in a week. What more when he'll be in The States for three friggin' years! I cant imagine how my life will be without him around. I'll sure miss him. Dont go Abang, please :(

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