January 23, 2010

Surprise, surprise!

I had so much fun with lover yesterday though we were behind schedule. He fetched me at 1800 and supposedly to Bangsar but seeing the traffic yesterday, we went straight to OU. We roamed around the mall and gosh! Charles and Keith has new stocks and boy, them shoes are beauuuttifullll! :) We went around the mall with our empty stomachs. So we went to eat at NewYork Deli. Oh god, the food was awesome, seriously. I didnt want to eat actually but I didnt want to upset lover because he really wanted me to eat. And okay, I admit the food was sooooo good, I actually hadnt eat food that good for this past month, but when I was full, I regretted it. I felt fat, like usual. Blergh. I had tagliante mushroom with crispy fish while lover had the biggest fish and chips on earth. Haha. We ordered dessert, Lake Chocolate which was strawberries and bananas with ice cream and chocolate fudge around all over the plate. Oh my, fats and more fats. After eating, lover bought me a blouse at Zara. Its leopard! Thanks sweetie :) He actually wanted to buy that ridiculous priced Zara dinner bag for me. But I didnt want to rush it, I have plenty of time to browse for a dinner bag. I want a bag which has the 'woah' factor but with a reasonable price. We arrived home at 2330, and Zahir hung out my place till 2 in the morning to watch How I met Your Mother. No worries, he only drops by when my family is around :)

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